Prozac and the Crack-Up Boom

It was Sunday night in late April. My girlfriend Alicia and I were filling out our forms to apply for unemployment. My former company forced me out of my management position and she had resigned from her position. The atmosphere at the dining room table was thick with tension and our intake of wine didn’t help it any. Apparently, many months of taking Prozac didn’t improve my external situation.

As we wrote, we also bickered over, who knows what. She finally blew her stack and threw a glass of wine in my face. I didn’t take kindly to that and called her a few choice names. She outdid me when she ended her verbal attack with the words “You’re nothing but a no-good loser.” Well, I guess her real feelings for me finally rose to the surface. All I could do was take another drink of wine and wonder how I got into this sorry situation. At that point, I doubt if anything could help my state of mind and that included the high dose of Prozac in my system.

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Depression and the Summertime Blues

It was late June when depression and the summertime blues completely overwhelmed me. A year earlier I had placed my faith in the Pathways to Mastership course and meditation techniques. Then during a cold day in February, I stopped the course because I couldn’t accept some of its mysticism. I also abandoned my meditation practice, which turned out to be a big mistake.

The Collapse into Total Depression

I sank into a pit of complete frustration, nothing seemed to help. The unbearable pain dumped me into the hole of despair. Failed relationships, sexual frustration, lack of challenges in my management position and no definite purpose in life drove me into a deep depression.

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The Pathway to Peace of Mind

For reasons unknown, June seems to stand out as my month of transformation and new journeys. It’s also been a time that found me suffering in a deep depression. My objectivist beliefs no longer sustained me, causing hopelessness to come for an extended visit. I sank into the pits of despair. Fortunately, depression often leads a person into a journey of transformation. As mentioned in the article Reluctant Objectivist Detours onto a New Pathway I discovered the Pathways to Mastership Course. That helped me find peace of mind.

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Season of Conspiracy and Economics

There we were, standing in a dilapidated kitchen holding sponges and paint scrapers. A big bucket of wall cleaner sat on the corroded tile floor next to us. We knew it would take a monumental effort to renovate this house. My friend George asked “How does it feel to be David Rockefeller’s scum scraper? I said “Darn, how did we ever allow the Trilateral Commission to take over our lives? Then we laughed. We were heavily into conspiracy theory.

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Reluctant Objectivist Detours onto a New Pathway

My desires and passions had gone cold as if it were the barren days of winter, even though it was the first day of summer. In order to get rid of my lethargy, I forcibly got out of my chair, stumbled out to the mailbox, opened it and pulled out a brochure for the Pathways to Mastership course not knowing I was about to detour off the path of Objectivism. Little did I know another pathway awaited me.

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Journey of the Reluctant Objectivist

One late afternoon in June, I arrived home from work, my last day on the job. The company had just fired me. The boss told me they needed team players and couldn’t tolerate the anti-social stuff I spouted off too often. He said “Get your belongings together, visit human services for your final check and get out. It wasn’t the first time somebody fired me. From past experience, I should have considered the ending the start of a new journey.

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Tales from the Reluctant Objectivist

After a rough day at the office, I walked into my apartment, turned on the TV and plopped down on the couch. I felt completely demoralized from dealing with irrational people and power-hungry corporate bureaucrats. I sadly concluded that my dedication to logic and reason meant nothing to these reality evaders. Even worse, I would have to deal with them tomorrow. Incredibly, I had no idea I would soon become a Reluctant Objectivist.

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Is Silver A Rock-Solid Investment?

Members of the political and financial establishment prefer that you place your faith in their paper promises. In addition, you must trust the Central Banking system. You should avoid the barbaric relics gold and silver, unless of course you’re purchasing jewelry. Make sure you have a credit card available. You don’t want to handle those nasty germ-ridden bills.

A version of this article appeared on Laissez Faire Today as “Gold’s Redheaded Stepchild is Stumbling Back.”

Don’t you think we ought to find out if silver is a rock-solid investment. Of course, if you prefer to believe in Federal Reserve promises, you don’t need to read the article. Maybe you get the “warm fuzzies” listening to Janet Yellen and company.

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The Objectivist Demolishes the Mystical Way of Life

Last Friday I published “The Objectivist Chooses the Path of Mysticism. I must state that the article is not an endorsement of mysticism. It showed the dangers of the mystical way of life.


No doubt you’ve heard about the virtue of selflessness. I discovered an article from someone named Tara who explains a mystical sense of life.

What is Selflessness?

Being selfless means to put the needs of others before your own – a form of self-sacrifice.

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Consequences of Walking the Path of Mysticism

Here’s the reason I decided to explore the path of mysticism and suffered the consequences.

My new sales and marketing campaign is exactly where I want it. I think I will reward myself with a long walk in the woods and just observe and enjoy nature. The fresh air will do me good. First, I better step outside and check the weather. My thermometer says 66 degrees. It’s sunny with a few puffy clouds drifting by. The mild breeze feels good as it caresses my hair and face. Yeah, I think I’ll do it now.

Well, I’m on my way to Eden Park. It has about 15 miles of trails and many options for changing your path. I should arrive in about 10 minutes.

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