Will the Fed Eventually Cause a Global Economic Collapse?

As you read every word of this article…you will realize the Federal Reserve System sits in first place as Public Enemy Number One. You do realize the Fed stands for the continued screwing of the honest citizen. In addition, it appears its ill-fated monetary policies may cause a global economic collapse.

When Ron Paul states we need to End the Fed, he clearly understands it creates monetary disasters. Is it any wonder the Elite and its Soldiers made sure he never became President.

Note: All their power couldn’t get Hillary Clinton elected…as Donald Trump pulls a stunning upset.

Plain and simple, paper money allows the Elite and its cronies to live at the expense of productive men and women. Plus, its easy money policies help spawn global interventions that lead to all out war. The Fed confers incredible monetary benefits on these power-mongers. Of course, the rest of us suffer the pain of diminished purchasing power, a possible dollar collapse and global conflict.

For members of the Elite, war is a profitable enterprise. According to Cabal Times, the legendary J. P. Morgan (who is believed to represent the mustachioed Mr. Monopoly in the Monopoly board game) realized the limitations they faced in the Western world.

Speaking of Monopoly, I love vanquishing my opponents by buying up choice property and bankrupting them. Of course, who doesn’t love Boardwalk and Park Place. However, I chisel away at them with the cheapest properties, Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues. Putting hotels on those guarantee you a good income. Nothing like monopolizing a corner.

What the Fed's Fiat Money Really Represents
                                                     What the Fed’s Fiat Money Really Represents



You can see why the Elite and its Soldiers decided to expand outside the Western world…creating societies free of the limitations they faced in the West.

The fact remains…the destruction of nations and their economic systems hamper the profits of banks and major commercial entities. Still, short term gains remain a powerful incentive for those with greedy ambitions.

Without the onerous Federal Reserve System…the US Government would have a difficult time underwriting American military expenditures. Creating global conflict seems to be one of their favorite pastimes. You ever wonder why we seem to be involved in endless military excursions. You must realize that gold backed money could prevent a lot of human misery. War, what is it good for? It’s good for lining the pockets of those who benefit from military conflicts. The rest of us suffer from death, destruction, a diminished standard of living…and the sword of an economic collapse hanging over our heads.

Let’s face it. The greediest members of the political and financial establishment (the Elite and its Soldiers) have repeatedly demonstrated…the American nation is a means to an end. Do you really believe they give a “rat’s ass” about the sustainability of the American economy and the well-being of the middle class. Their attitude is the hell with us innocent citizens.

Anatomy of a Central Bank Swindle

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gold, silver and cryptocurrencies replace fiat currencies as a form of payment, unit of account and a store of value. It’s obvious…governments resort to unbacked money in order to fleece its citizens. With the help of central banks they also engage in currency wars that must eventually end in a global economic collapse.

Home of Treacherous Banksters
                                                              Home of Treacherous Banksters

You probably already know who runs governments and central banks…the Elite and its Soldiers.

Fact: The competitive devaluation of currencies races down the slippery speedway towards a deflationary collapse or a hyper-inflationary blow-off. Does anyone see a crack up boom on the horizon?

When a government through the central bank inflates the money supply it causes artificial booms. All artificial booms divert production from the consumers’ most urgent desires into projects that rank lower on their scale of values. In other words, inflation fosters malinvestments—projects that can’t be sustained. QE and ZIRP resulted in the newly created money going to maybe 100,000 people…who “live rather nicely” off today’s $100 trillion casino.

In the end there’s some justice…as the boom suddenly transforms into a bust (the crack up boom). Sadly the injustice occurs…when the rest of us suffer from a global economic collapse.

A few timely questions with simple answers will reveal the anatomy of a central bank swindle. Let’s use the onerous Federal Reserve System as an example.

Who controls our money? The Federal Reserve System. Who directs the flow of the newly created money? The government and the Federal Reserve System.

Let’s face it…our government and the crooked Federal Reserve System work together to make sure the “right people” receive the inflationary money. I probably don’t have to tell you…members of the Elite and their Soldiers do not consider regular citizens as the “right people.”

Freedom relies on money that is beyond the control of greedy politicians, special interests and banksters. Gold, silver and cryptocurrencies offer lovers of liberty hope for a vibrant personal and financial future. Yes! We can become Integrated Individuals, Impeccable Warriors for personal liberty and economic freedom.

The Gold Standard

Here’s a fact for you to digest. The gold standard represents liberty, freedom, prosperity and a sound currency. According to the brilliant economist Ludwig von Mises “It was the medium of exchange by means of which Western industrialism and Western capital had borne Western civilization into the remotest parts of the earth’s surface, everywhere destroying the fetters of age-old prejudices and superstitions, sowing the seeds of new life and new well-being, freeing minds and souls and creating riches unheard of before.”

Now That's Real Money
                                                                   Now That’s Real Money

Incidentally, the establishment’s hatred of gold clouds their ability to think clearly—unless of course they’re devising news ways to swindle you. You’ve probably heard paper money enthusiasts call gold “that barbarous relic.” In fact, after Nixon closed the “Gold Window” on August 15, 1971…some establishment “quacks” predicted the price of gold would collapse to $5 per ounce. I guess they were a little off on their prediction. Of course, their hatred for gold forever clouds any possibility of logical reasoning.

Has it occurred to you…the $5 per ounce claim might have been an attempt to convince us to ignorantly accept the Elite’s paper money schemes. These parasites figure were all stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality. We’re supposed to be too dull to see a global economic collapse on the horizon.

Do you wonder how anyone be stupid enough to believe gold would plummet to $5 per ounce. You know, when it comes to establishment economists, any claim of theirs probably rates as pure stupidity—so it’s possible they fall for their own nonsense. Don’t they realize their spurious monetary policies will cause a global economic collapse. Yeah, I’m with Ron Paul. Let’s End the Fed. In addition, along with free, competitve banking…we need the gold standard to slowdown the Elite’s avaricious ways.

We can only hope we don’t receive an illusionary version of the gold standard…after the Elite and it’s Soldiers create a New World Money and a One World Government.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

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