Trapped by the Hive Mind Mentality

During these trying times, many people feel trapped in the Social Maze…unaware there exists a hidden escape route. The Hive Mind Mentality convinces them that the solutions to their problems reside in the external world. Which is certainly an illusion.

In their contradictory mindset, the delusional man or women blames institutions, such as the government for their undesirable predicament…then incredibly, they seek solutions from members of the political and financial establishment.

The above seems crazy to a person who detached himself from the Hive Mind Mentality. Obviously, you’re intelligent enough to see that seeking solutions to your problems from the very people who are dedicated to creating them smacks of insanity.

Are you beginning to see how sociopaths, psychopaths and neurotics create the Hive Mind Mentality of the Social Maze?

You’ve got to feel for someone hopelessly trapped in the Social Maze. These unfortunate souls experience the never-ending phenomena of members of the Elite…and irrational people stomping on their dreams and desires. In addition, their fuzzy state of mind causes them to become their own worst enemy. Some of these individuals feel a sense that something is seriously wrong. Sadly, since their unaware state of mind can’t grasp the gravity of their unpleasant existence…it sinks into a depressing state of alienation and separation.

In a moment, your marvelous mind travels on a journey to a far away place. Allow yourself to drift to a world of long ago…one of pure fantasy.

The Legend

Just imagine for a moment…that eons ago, numerous souls separated from all there is (God, One Mind, Universal Mind, Void, etc.)..believing their detachment was only a short exploration of consciousness. Eventually some of the wandering souls discovered the planet Earth. Despite their perceived separation, these beings were highly advanced and enlightened. They also possessed a definite purpose…finding new playgrounds that allowed them to experience accelerated awareness…the best their minds could produce. An internal knowing that pleasurable, life-enhancing activities were the key to growth and evolvement guided their actions. Their desire was to ascend to the highest states of reason and ecstasy.

Your mind probably sees a major problem developing. Beings who were supposed to be enlightened decided to look outside of themselves for higher awareness. Their unity to absolute truth and knowing began fading away.

Although these beings experienced the most advanced stages of development, attaining perfection seemed like a distant dream. As with all living entities, they were liable to error…making some mistakes along the way. On that fateful day, or however these enlightened beings measured time, illusion blinded them to reality.

The Discovery of Illusion

The wandering souls focused on Earth with a reasoning mind and loving heart. One of them or maybe all of them (who can really say how the enlightened ones communicate) said “This looks like a fun place to visit. We can create whatever we desire. How wonderful it will be to obtain new knowledge through art, music and philosophy. It also offers the delights of the flesh. What an exciting, erotic way to exist!” Many pleasures of the flesh awaited them.

Some of the more advanced masters pointed out that pain and suffering were the other side of the coin. However, they concluded the mental, physical and spiritual laws that guided existence on Earth were rather simple, child’s play. There were the laws of physics (obvious cause and effect relationships), the laws of economics (so elementary even unenlightened souls can understand them), and the system of reason, Obectivism. They decided this is going to be quite an experience. So without further ado, these wandering souls descended to Earth.

The Descending Into the Abyss of Illusion

You may be asking, “How come these advanced beings didn’t recognize the contradiction in their reasoning? Why would obviously enlightened souls decide to descend to a lower level of existence, when ascension to a higher-level appeared to be the logical course of action?”

It could be that every level of existence, no matter how advanced, offers challenges. However, for now we can’t go back in time and capture their thoughts and feelings. Even if we could, it might be too much for us to withstand.

These marvelous beings began descending to Earth in soul groups. Some say they came two at a time, one with the female energy, the other with the male energy. You know— yin-yang. Anyway, adventurous spirits populated Earth, experimenting with the different facets of life. Before coming to Earth, all members of a soul group were spiritually and mentally connected. On earth, each one experienced the pain of separation for the first time. For the time being, it was worth it, because the individual felt exhilaration from his separateness. He captured the high self-esteem that ties in with his unique individuality. Each person believed he or she could always reconnect with all there.

Are you beginning to see how the Hive Mind Mentality came about?

Happily, each man and woman loved and laughed, and worked and played, realizing the thrills of positive emotions. Unfortunately, their lives were polluted with the pain and sorrow caused by negative thoughts and feelings. In addition, the discovery of the ecstasies of the flesh also came with the other side of the coin, the agony caused by wars, pestilence, starvation, betrayal and death. Sadly, they couldn’t escape the wheel of birth, death and rebirth, and most tragic of all—each lone individual forgot his power as an individual. Each man and woman unwittingly descended into the abyss of illusion.

Soldiers of the Hive
                                                          Soldiers of the Hive

Trapped in the Social Maze

The day arrived when nobody remembered his origin or the reason he came to Earth. The lone individual was forever trapped in the Social Maze. Suddenly, the development of the division of labor…in a society that had no conception of the rights of the individual…began creating the Hive Mind Mentality. Existence became difficult. People began lamenting that life was so hard. Living in the flesh was pain and suffering, not pleasure and ecstasy. Incredibly, some of their leaders created religions that condemned the flesh. Many religious leaders called various pleasures of life “sins of the flesh.” Soon an Elite took control of earthly affairs. Everyone else became worker bees…hopelessly trapped in a Social Maze that resembled a giant wasp nest.

And before long…

The neurotic illusions of love caused it to change into a double-edged sword…much sharper and deadlier on the negative edge. Love became as slippery as a careless stroll on an icy pond. The few who were “lucky” enough to find love’s secret hideaway soon discovered the love he or she so much cherished was a maker of despair. The oneness experienced in love had taken a permanent vacation.

Ignorance Takes Over

Their religions taught them about salvation and condemnation. Almost everyone was oblivious to their ‘once upon a time’ existence as highly evolved-eternal beings,

Try imagining this. Beings that once experienced enlightenment…now lived with unbearable guilt about any pleasure they indulged in, suffering restless nights, polluted by nightmares of burning in the pits of Hell. The Hive Mind Mentality transformed Earth from a playground into a “Universal Hell.”

They remained aware of some of the obvious laws of physics, such as immediate cause and effect. Minds captured by the Social Maze attributed these to a vengeful God, a potpourri of Gods or just plain bad luck. In fact, their delusions caused them to tangle up the spiritual and physical beliefs into a superstitious web of personal enslavement. The mystics of muscle and mind beat them into a hopeless state of illusion.

Social altruists kept the “worker bees” in line by preaching the virtues of selflessness and self-sacrifice. This along with religious indoctrination kept the “beehive” running smoothly…although rebels with independent minds quite often challenged it. These courageous thinkers often ended up tortured, hung, burned at the stake…or if they were lucky, just ostracized.

The uncomplicated laws of economics vanished from their awareness. Falsehood and illusion captured the center stage, keeping them in a state of ignorance…century after century. As you can see, this unhappy state of affairs firmly entrenched members of the political and financial establishment. Tragically, they became the Elite. Any individual, who displayed signs of awakening and remembering his or her origin risked his life, liberty and property. Hell and Earth became synonymous.

A Concentration Camp
                                                  A Concentration Camp

Escaping from the Hive Mind Mentality?

And as you absorb this information, you’ll probably wonder if there exists any hope for mankind. Let’s look at it from the point of view of the individual. You do know that you are a unique individual…right. That realization is enough to disqualify you from the Hive Mind Mentality. So, there’s plenty of hope.

Eternal Wisdom
                                                                  Eternal Wisdom

Here’s a word of warning. Don’t become discouraged if we seem to suffer through some dark days caused by ignorance of economic and universal laws. Still, as you begin seeing through the illusions of the Social Maze, you experience a clarity of mind and spirit.

Are you beginning to see how...

The Controllers of the Hive Mind Mentality brainwashed people into believing non-reality was reality? Our little fable demonstrates how easily living beings can descend into a world of illusion. Well, you and I conquer the illusions that the unenlightened fervently cling to. We refuse to remain permanently stuck in the “Queen Bee’s” rancid honeycomb. We rise up as Integrated Individuals..

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze


Author: PraxisBob

RA Meyer possesses an extensive background in many areas. For years, he has studied economics, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and success principles, integrating these disciplines into a coherent philosophy of life. In addition, his customer service (sales) career supplied him a deep understanding of human nature. He realizes there are basic principles of Objectivism, Individualism, Human Action and Spiritual Teachings that will help people become successful at achieving their goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to understand “Human Action in the Social Maze.”

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