‘Tis the Season to Overcome Hopelessness


Because it’s the holiday season, we offer you something special. Here it is. ‘Tis the season to overcome hopelessness.

Maybe when you look at our social and economic woes…you wonder if there’s any hope for the future. Sure, it appears that the economy could be recovering, but you realize what you see may be an illusion. After all, the Elite and their Soldiers dedicate their efforts to cannibalizing the system to accomplish their evil aspirations. We suffer from Federal Reserve scams such as Quantitative Easing (QE) and Zero Interest Rate Policy. It’s possible a tiny increase in the rate of interest could shake the economic foundation to the point of eventually collapsing. Government spending spirals out of control. The National Debt will soon cause Atlas to Shrug. On top of those beatings…you may be suffering from personal difficulties.

During moments of weakness, you might conclude…it’s all hopelessness. After all, what other conclusion could you possibly draw? If your personal life continually deals you pain and sorrow, you cry in despair “Oh God, why must I suffer? Why does life treat me so cruelly? Why does the holiday season make it worse? I can’t take it anymore. Even though the changing seasons promise a new birth and renewal of spirit…I sense that my spirit dies a little more each day. Hopelessness and despair makes me believe…only my total demise will bring me the relief I so much desire.”

The Illusion of a Hopelessness

Maybe you wish you could enjoy a carefree life without troubles, without worries…something at least close to a heavenly paradise. Obviously, you already know…nobody can offer you that. World-improvers, do-gooders and social altruists have attempted to create the utopias they envisioned in their deepest dreams and desires…only to manifest an environment similar to hell. When you read the pages of history…the tragic stories of misery and degradation demonstrates the illusions of these reality evaders. An Everyday Warrior begins seeing through illusion.

Does hopelessness really reign as the human condition…or is it an illusion of limited consciousness. If it is the way of reality…where do we gain the strength to do anything at all?

Let’s find out why permanent hopelessness is an illusion.

Take some time and absorb the following. The world is a marvelous place, filled with magic…with the joy of existence. However, you must realize and accept some facts of the universe. Cycles go up and down. You go in and you go out. If feel hot, you can feel cold. You couldn’t know pleasure without pain. Joy and unhappiness vibrate as two strings on a violin. You so fervently yearn for love because of the hate that surrounds you.

Do you always root for white…hoping it defeats black? Black and white co-exist. When you allow yourself to become attached to the belief white must always win…at least half of your life will invite suffering.

Harmony Between Black and White
                                                                Harmony Between Black and White

Has it occurred to you…there’s a happy conclusion to the above? Well, here it is. Hopelessness means hope also resides in your body and mind. Yes, when you unleash your spirit…hope soars with it.

Imagine turning hopelessness upside down. When you do that…hope stands tall. Do you realize…it is exactly the moment when there doesn’t seem to be any hope, that we are closest to embracing it?

Seasons of Hopelessness

You may be asking “If hope exists, where do I find it.?” Well, you won’t discover it outside of who you are…so don’t try searching for it in the material world. You must possess it before the world reveals it many wonders. Do you understand you create your reality…it manifests from your deepest thoughts and beliefs. Yes, you possess the “Holy Grail” of hope right now, whether you realize it or not.

Perhaps you feel your pain and suffering is forevermore. Maybe you suddenly realized how dire you’re financial situation was on a brisk, sunny November day…a time that was supposed to be a celebration of Thanksgiving.

Possibly, you suffer from the bittersweet memory of driving around one special evening during the holiday season with your beloved spouse…the love of your life who passed on, to a place we must all go. Tears fall freely when you remember getting lost in hopelessness… only to discover a neighborhood that displays the most brilliant of all Christmas scenes. You were suddenly saturated with colorful visions of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Colors of Christmas
                                                                              Colors of Christmas

Drift back…to once upon a time. It’s mid June. You close your eyes and hear the gentle breeze sigh as it moves softly through lush green leaves. The delightful day penetrates your being…as you completely experience the melodious songs of chirping birds, the sweet fragrance of colorful flowers and the rich green of the rolling landscape. What a trip of pure joy.

Sadly, the journey tortures some men and women with the heartbreaking memory of love, a love lost to a rival or unseen circumstances. The rich life of the coming summer causes the denied people heartache. As disappointed lovers often do…they bring sorrow and heartbreak back to present…spawning more hopelessness.

Overcoming Hopeless by Capturing Happiness and Success

Just suppose…there is always hope for a new day of happiness and success. Let’s overcome hopeless by capturing the joy of hope.

Do you know the dawning of a new day has only one simple requirement? Now, I can’t guarantee the requirement erases all of your pain and suffering. However, you can definitely discover the sweetness of hope from within. The “Holy Grail” of hope is purpose in life. You find it by exploring your mind, heart and spirit. Even during days of darkness, purpose in life moves you happily in the right direction. Your beloved companion of hope walks closely by your side…carrying you if necessary.

When You Live with Purpose...You Live with Hope.
                                              When You Live with Purpose…You Live with Hope.

Don’t think your definite purpose has to be life shattering…although that’s a possibility. It could be something as simple as a passion for poetry or a love of music. It could be fervently enjoying evenings of bingo or karaoke.

Ask yourself these questions. What brings you pleasure and satisfaction in life? What do you enjoy? I’m sure something gives you pleasure, satisfaction and joy. Do you know most people succeed by indulging in an activity that supplies them extreme pleasure?

If you are so depressed you can’t think of anything that could possibly have any purpose…try to remember what once brought you joy and satisfaction. Meditate on it. I’m sure something in the distant past made your life worthwhile. Maybe, it’s an “oldie” you can retrieve or a memory that sparks your creativity. Can you make it part of your now and future? Can your create a new present moment?

Purpose in life is a prerequisite for success and happiness. Go ahead and discover your purpose. Imagine waking up every morning with hope and enthusiasm. Visualize having something marvelous to look forward to. If you possess purpose, you possess happiness. If you possess happiness, I know you possess purpose in life.

You think and plan; but the passion you need comes from within…from the heart and spirit. By choosing and embarking on a path with heart, your cup of wonder overflows with love, happiness, fulfillment, laughter and peace of mind. Yes, ’tis the season to overcome hopelessness.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

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RA Meyer possesses an extensive background in many areas. For years, he has studied economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics, integrating these disciplines into a coherent philosophy of life. For more than 26 years, he has indulged in meditation practices to expand his power of reason... and help him reach accelerated states of awareness. In addition, his customer service career supplied him a deeper understanding of human nature. He realizes there are basic principles of Human Action that will help people become successful at achieving their goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to discover “Master the Social Maze”

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