The Reluctant Objectivist

I could tell you that one day I decided to create the Reluctant Objectivist. In a way that’s true because each individual creates his life. The day I discovered Objectivism, I embarked on a life-changing journey. Then I took many more steps in my search for truth by courageously walking down paths that revealed various metaphysical and philosophical systems. I practiced them in my everyday life, capturing enlightenment and sometimes heartbreaking experiences. I am now revealing these in Tales from the Reluctant Objectivist. In some cases, I had to change the names and a few of the circumstances to protect someone’s privacy. Still, the stories are true.

Men and women continually seek a destination that provides them with a happy, fulfilling life. The person thinks “Once I achieve what it is I desire I will begin enjoying my life. I will work hard for the next 25 years, invest my money wisely, then retire to a life of pleasure and ease.”

What is it that you are seeking? Could it be the perfect love relationship, a six-figure income, your dream house, a creative endeavor or whatever else a person could fervently yearn for. Do you believe that once you achieve your heart’s desire you will finally experience supreme happiness?

Yes! All of the above are worthy endeavors. However, the mistake is believing the destination will bring you happiness. It’s the journey that provides you with life-changing experiences. In addition, it’s the moment that supplies you the pleasures and ecstasies; and the challenges and obstacles you will encounter.

Always journey towards a destination, but never forget that once you reach it, it is only a resting place before you begin a new journey. The reward is the journey.

The Journey and the Destination.

You might read some of the Tales from the Reluctant Objectivist and think “He’s one screwed up individual.” I often thought that. Fortunately, along the way I learned to take charge of my thoughts, feelings and actions…at least most of the time. Hopefully, my experiences will help you avoid a lot of suffering and heartbreak, although there are lessons to be learned from the unhappy occurrences.

As you read the stories, you will discover a unique blend of Objectivism, self-actualization and spiritual insights. In addition, I reveal my journeys, some that involved activities uptight people might not consider socially acceptable.

Fortunately, I already have around 80 posts on this blog that helped me see how everything fits together. In Richard Bach’s marvelous book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. He stated “You teach best what you most need to learn.”

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

P.S. Here’s the first article I wrote on this blog. Special Report: Master the Social Maze. As you can see this blog continually evolves, just as you and I do.