Rational Selfishness


What if it isn’t what you think it is?

Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, Leonard Peikoff and others brilliantly set forth the fundamentals of Rational Selfishness. Unfortunately Rand and Branden went their separate ways…which caused a split in Objectivism…the Philosophy of Rational Selfishness. Now it seems most people completely misunderstand it. We must ask “What is Rational Selfishness and how do we successfully put this marvelous philosophy of life into action?”

The book How to Live the Rationally Selfish Life tells you exactly how to do that. It also explains how to avoid the pitfalls of irrational behavior…and how to protect your life, liberty and property from the anti-life philosophy of altruism.

The Rationally Selfish Individual…

Shuns and exposes the anti-life philosophy of Social Altruism because he knows of the catastrophic consequences it causes and will continue to cause.


Altruism masquerades as a caring philosophy of selflessness and self-sacrifice. In addition, Altruists claim they are loving and giving and so is the philosophy they base their life around. The reality of the matter is that altruism exists as a cannibalistic philosophy of hate and plunder. It has been subverted and institutionalized by Governments as a means to confiscate the wealth of productive citizens. Few greater crimes are committed than those in the name of the common good. Avaricious politicians have resorted to it despite the fact that its malicious manifestation could destroy America systematically from the inside-out. For these reasons we can surmise and believe that altruism reigns over us as the philosophy of anti-life.

In addition…

The author presents two case histories of rationally selfish individuals who suffered from relationships with toxic, irrational people.


The worst part about allowing yourself to be around irrationally selfish people is you could start picking up their traits. That’s a personal transformation you don’t need. Adopting the ways of someone who is a perpetual failure because of their maladaptive behavioral strategies is certainly no sign of success nor would it appear as a path to providence. Talk about being disarmed.

People who are negative and irrationally selfish bring you nothing but pain and sorrow. Having to listen to constant narcissism and deal with their emotional abuse and put downs slaps your self-worth around. I’m sure you’ve heard accounts of how the abused person descends into an abuser. Abusive situations can be handed down from generation to generation. When it comes to irrationally selfish and emotionally draining people you just need to stay away from them. There is nothing for you to gain. These parasites will cling onto you, keep you down, and suck you dry. If you hang around too long, the real kick in the teeth or groin comes when the irrationally selfish person leaves you, but not before making sure you’ve become a weaponless, sad hollow shell of the proud man/woman you were.

Two Chapters explore…

What can happen when a Rationally Selfish Individual discovers he’s involved with an irrational person. The author bases these cases on real events.

Rational Selfishness means…

You would never purposely behave in an irrationally selfish manner because…you take charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You know all effects have causes and you discover cause and effect relationships.

As a human being…

You may error in your judgment, as all men and women do from time to time…but you acquire the ability to adjust your thinking and actions. You take purposive action to achieve your goals and desires.

Rational Selfishness

An individual who practices Rational Selfishness realizes he possesses power. He (she) is an individualist, an impeccable warrior. He takes complete responsibility for his thoughts, feelings and actions, and confidently accomplishes his goals and desires. He eliminates negative feelings of anger, hate, envy and jealousy from his being. He confidently accomplishes his goals and desires.

His actions harmonize with his values. He definitely wouldn’t consider accepting the second-hand values of others. He has complete confidence in the efficacy of his mind and he takes purposive action. Can you imagine an individual of this caliber lamenting the sad fact he doesn’t know where his thoughts and feelings come from or why he acts on them in self-destructive ways.

Here’s what’s nice. Once you adopt the role of the Rationally Selfish Individual you capture control of your mind. You excel at reconciling your life to your surroundings. Plain and simple, your effectiveness in dealing with life’s challenges and obstacles increase. It becomes virtually impossible for you to stumble towards mental instability or act out of line with your ethical beliefs.

Events in your life don’t just happen willy-nilly. You must understand that your conscious and subconscious thoughts determine your outcome. In other words, your mind creates your life before the results manifest in reality. Right now you are creating your future and you may be creating it unconsciously. As a Rationally Selfish Individual increases his awareness and begins consciously creating his life.

How to Live the Rationally Selfish Life supplies you the tools to find success and happiness…and experience the joy of your existence.

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What could be more rewarding than….

Successfully discovering the joy and self-esteem that comes with Rational Selfishness.