Objectivist Philosophy and the Illusion of Existence

Let’s visit Objectivist Philosophy and investigate the illusion of existence.

Politics: Individual Rights and Capitalism

Objectivism supplies capitalism with its logical and moral foundation—with its spirited defense of individual rights. Objectivism is 100% correct in its advocacy of capitalism and individual rights.

Our current political system is corrupt and anti-life. Our “beloved” political and financial leaders unwittingly cause havoc to our faltering economic system. Years of government interventionism with help from the Federal Reserve System dealt our economy severe blows. Now it is on life support. And how does our economic “doctors” treat the patient? With the arsenic of ZIRP AND QE, guaranteeing the patient eventually expires from a combination of dehydration and massive internal bleeding. How many 0.25% increases do you think will cause its death?

Objectivist Philosophy proves laissez faire capitalism is the only social system suited to the needs and desires of men and women. It’s a marvelous system of trading value for value.

Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by socialists and interventionists, complete reality evaders. Years of Fed and government failure make no difference to these deluded men and women. They call for more of the same…then they have the nerve to blame capitalism for our social and economic woes. Imagine indulging in economic “thought” when you know absolutely nothing about it. It’s like Jethro Bodine of “The Beverly Hillbillies” wanting to be a brain surgeon. Now I get it. Socialists and social altruists allowed him to do surgery on their brains. Still, it makes me wonder what happened to Karl Marx and Paul Krugman.

Why worry about it? Anyway, mystics call existence an illusion. That means there’s nothing to be concerned about. I will take a drink of coffee and think about the illusion of me.

Hmm, it’s obvious why the word “I” was eliminated in Ayn Rand’s book “Anthem”, although that makes you wonder how you get rid of something that doesn’t exist. What about the axiomatic concepts?

Metaphysics: Objective Reality

Objectivist Philosophy recognizes three axiomatic concepts: Existence, Identity, Consciousness. These are real and fundamental…although some “intellectuals” and mystics attempt to deny them. Can you see imagine a being minus the axiomatic concepts trying to visualize non-existence, non-identity and non-consciousness. It’s absurd.

Ayn Rand defined an axiom as “a statement that identifies the base of knowledge and of any further statement pertaining to that knowledge, a statement necessarily contained in all others whether any particular speaker chooses to identify it or not. An axiom is a proposition that defeats its opponents by the fact that they have to accept it and use it in the process of any attempt to deny it.”

Of course, some mystics try to deny the above by claiming reality is an illusion. Maybe, we’re just sleepwalking or dreaming. That’s it. You and I are just someone’s thought forms. I just think I’m writing these words. It’s makes you wonder; how can I think…when I don’t exist, don’t have an identity and do not possess any consciousness. You just gotta love those mystics…not really.

Epistemology: Reason

Objectivist Philosophy states that reason is the only means for man to gain knowledge. Now we can’t deny—that without reason men and women would be no better off than savages—in fact, they would exist in a lower state than the savage would. Man’s power of reason created our marvelous civilization and freed people from the primitive forces of their environment. To deny the power of reason is to condemn men and women to less than human existence.

There seems to an abundance of “intellectuals” and mystics claiming reason is vastly overrated. Why think anything to its logical conclusion…since all answers populate the ether or the astral plane. Anyway, thinking is such a difficult chore. It’s much easier to just drift away. Wait a minute. I just found the anti-axiomatic concepts. I’m just an illusion who can connect to the one source. Oh no! I getting confused. God or whatever it is must exist if I can join it. How frightening, I’m starting to think. Where’s Hegel, Schopenhauer and Augustine when you need them.

Ethics: Rational Self-Interest

Objectivist Philosophy advocates that an individual should always act in rational self-interest. Rational selfishness corresponds to the nature of man.

The anti-life philosophy of altruism has failed miserably in practice. Why has it failed? Because it advocates selflessness and self-sacrifice. It denies the sanctity of the individual. It is antagonistic to rational self-interest. It poisons and slowly destroys any society that attempts to practice it, just as it is destroying the American Way of Life. It is the philosophy of Anti-Life.

Altruism Demands Your Sacrifice

I’m feeling kind of low. A spiritual acquaintance told me I need to get involved in social service. He insinuated I’m just pretending to experience the joy of my existence. He criticized me for existing for my own sake…then he informed me on the virtues of altruism, selflessness and self-sacrifice. I hear his words of “wisdom.” “Once you internalize these…you never have to worry about anything…ever again. Anyway, you can’t experience permanent happiness when you live as a selfish brute.” He recommended I study the works of Immanuel Kant…especially Critique of Pure Reason.


I fall asleep with Kant’s book on my lap…which results in a harrowing nightmare. I find myself at a pity party surrounded by hundreds of irrational men and women. Suddenly, I realize I’m sitting naked on a bar stool crying in my beer over all the sad tales of misery and despair I somehow couldn’t resist. Someone sits next to me, slurring something about how undeserved it all is. He or she finally becomes angry and in a high screechy voice claims there ought to be a law…the government ought to do something. I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman going on and on about social injustice. I getting a headache.

I make an effort to escape my predicament. I get up, turn around and discover a frightening situation. I’m confronted by a Social Altruist who smiles at me, slaps me on the back and gives me that knowing wink of an eye. In my drunken state of mindlessness I vaguely remember possessing some kind of weapon, but it’s nowhere to be found. I realize I’m trapped, with no escape. I let out a terrible scream, hoping I awaken from my horrible nightmare. Once awake…I vow never to consider abandoning reason. I make a lifetime pledge to always live as a Rationally Selfish Individual, even in my dreams. Long live…Objectivist Philosophy.

RA Meyer – The Objectivist Masters the Social Maze

Author: PraxisBob

RA Meyer possesses an extensive background in many areas. For years, he has studied economics, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and success principles, integrating these disciplines into a coherent philosophy of life. In addition, his customer service (sales) career supplied him a deep understanding of human nature. He realizes there are basic principles of Objectivism, Individualism, Human Action and Spiritual Teachings that will help people become successful at achieving their goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to understand “Human Life in the Social Maze.”

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