Lady Warrior Masters the Social Maze

Women can enjoy the benefits of discovering the way of the Integrated Individual. I am honored to have the privilege of narrating an amazing woman’s transformation to self-actualization. Following is her story of another wonderful day in her life—a life of continuous fulfillment and achievement. Here’s the Lady Warrior.

Morning – A New Day Begins

As soon as I awoke, I knew it was going to be a great day. It seems this is a common occurrence since I discovered the way of the Lady Warrior. Now after experiencing this wonderful day I embrace my pillow for a night of sweet dreams…reminiscing about all of my experiences.

During my morning meditation, my mind alternates between sublime thoughts of beauty and the all-encompassing bliss of stillness. Delightfully, I receive much enlightenment and euphoria from the quiet of my connection to the best I can be. However, some of my most profound moments arrive when I feel the ecstasy of my body, mind and spirit.

Ever since my discovery I can take charge of my thoughts, feelings and actions…I experience pleasure and fulfillment on a daily basis. No longer do I suffer as I once did. The biggest surprise of my life is how much I’ve grown spiritually and intellectually. It’s so fascinating living life as a Lady Warrior…an Integrated Individual.

Some people think….meditation practices lead to celibacy, asceticism and selflessness. Well, that not true. Happily, while meditating I experience myself as sexy and sensuous…as if I am pure sex and sensuousness. Suddenly, all of my energy rises from my toes, through my heart, up to the top of my head resulting in an expansion of my mind and emotions. Obviously, you can only know this transformation from pure sex to total oneness through the experience.

Love, Sex and Meditation
                                                                     Love, Sex and Meditation

As I sink deeper and deeper into relaxation…my power of reason expands at the same time my intuitive powers kick in. I remember my creative ideas…and later wrote them down.

When I finish my meditation, I prepare breakfast for my family. Finally, we sit down at the breakfast table. Breakfast is a wonderful time to connect to the aromas and taste of the food…and of course, my family. I savor all I consume. My taste buds are sensitive to every single bite. Almost everything I eat is a culinary delight. The liquids I drink, delightfully tease my tongue and caress my throat as I swallow.

My husband, the man who is the love of my life, sits at my right. We look briefly in each others eyes and smile. We now connect in many ways. Even little things mean a lot. He thought this Lady Warrior stuff was nonsense at first…but once he noticed the change in me, he embraced it. I’m pleased he strives to live as an Integrated Individual.

Just picture this. Our moments together and our love life supplies us more satisfaction… than when we were newlyweds. Fortunately, I never accepted the illusion the path to accelerated awareness was through self-denial and self-sacrifice.

Our beautiful daughter sits across from us lost in the wistful thoughts of a young girl. With a touch of dreamy sleep still in her eyes…she glances our way and smiles in appreciation of a new day. She is so precious I wish I could freeze the moment. At one time, I would have let it pass without a thought. Now it will live in the recesses of my mind forever. It was a few magic minutes in a day of the almost 3500 days we will have together…the wondrous days that precede the time when she blossoms into a young woman with pains, joys and magic moments of her own.

Afternoon Delights

Since it is Saturday, many people are enjoying an afternoon of leisure. As I walk around the neighborhood on a clear, sunny day with just a few puffy clouds floating by…I connect with everything around me. That’s the advantage of a fully functioning mind. The deep blue of the dreamy sky makes me feel I could reach the heights of an eagle or a jet airliner. At one time, I would have walked along…lost in scattered thoughts, oblivious to my surroundings. Since I discovered the life of a Lady Warrior…I am sensitive to all I see, smell, hear, feel and touch. I thrill to my experiences.

There is Mr. Jones mowing his lawn, taking pride in the way it looks. I doubt he is aware of the enjoyment his lawn supplies me. The rich green of a neatly trimmed lawn and the aroma of the freshly cut grass…sends me in a state of instant pleasure and reverie. It reminds me of something from my childhood, but I can’t quite place it. Whatever it was, it makes me feel more joy and pleasure.

And there’s Mrs. Johnson attending her flower garden. She’s such a nice lady. She knows how much I enjoy the reds, blues, yellows, violets and pinks of the wonderful garden she so tenderly created with her own hands and spirit. The numerous bees and butterflies add an iridescence to the marvelous scene. Sometimes I become so entranced with the display…I feel as if I am a flower in her garden of rainbow colors. When I come out of it, I’m grateful I am a fully functioning individual, capable of experiencing my highest values. A fulfilling life means creating values and enjoying them.

Lady Warrior Enjoys a Garden of Delight
                                                    Lady Warrior Enjoys a Garden of Delight

She also has a garden that displays the reds, pinks and yellows of her prize winning roses. For a short while, I become lost in the life of a rose. Eventually I look up and take another glance at her flower garden. Finally, I force myself to walk away. For a few minutes, I am surrounded by a prismatic effect from the colors I experience.

Easily moving along, I feel every muscle in my body. My legs are slender and powerful. As I move my arms confidently forward and back…I know I’m propelling myself into a glorious future. It has to be, since I treasure each present moment. Almost, everyone comments on how great I look. People notice when you’re a being of high self-esteem and self-worth. How wonderful to control my thoughts, feelings and actions and still be able to dissolve into a spontaneous moment.

I love my off days, but I also love my work. Today is a wonderful day, but so are the days I am producing values. It seems the better I feel about life, my experiences and those around me, the more enjoyable my work becomes. I receive great satisfaction from it.

I realize I exist to discover and live my highest values. The euphoric feeling I receive from living life as a Lady Warrior remains with me most of the time. I experience the joy of my existence because I think, feel and act as an Lady Warrior thinks, feels and acts. Do you know how to achieve oneness? Well, it happens when you integrate the body, mind and spirit and Master the Social Maze. It’s an illusion to believe you are separated from reality.

I enjoyed many other things today. I listened to some of my favorite songs. At one time, I relegated the music that now delightfully expands my emotions to the background of my awareness. Now they are a major force in my life. I dance to the upbeat ones feeling as if I am a teenager again. The beautiful songs move me to tears. When I felt lost in the Social Maze…I used to cry from the pain and sorrow in my life. My tears are now a source of joy.

One song I heard today…about how someone would give his life so lightly for his gentle lady, for his highest value, caused my tears to freely flow. It is still difficult to believe that crying to the sensitivity of my sublime feelings can be so pleasurable.

The Romance of Early Evening and Nighttime

I also had some chores to complete. At one time, these were sources of resentment. Loading the dishwasher, doing the laundry, vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the bathroom…god what drudgery. Something happened when I finally realized the joy of living as a Lady Warrior. The chores became something less than drudgery. Since we are connecting better, my husband sometimes chips in, although I still do most of them.

Now when I work on my chores…I play albums I haven’t heard for a while. I allow the music to inspire me. You might not believe me…but sometimes I have the ability to view what I’m doing as sublime. I won’t say my chores are as enjoyable as my favorite activities…however they’re definitely not a source of displeasure anymore.

Dinner with my family was almost another version of breakfast. My daughter looks more bright eyed and bushy tailed than she did this morning. She is also excited about the pajama party that is taking place at her best friend’s house. My husband is beginning to get that lascivious look in his eyes. I know what kind of night this will be.

Watching a movie together, we thrill to each others presence. There are the tender caresses and kisses during commercials. Afterwards he makes me feel like a woman who has blossomed to her full sensuality and sexuality. Sometimes I think I’m receiving all the orgasmic thrills during our lovemaking, but he assures me the pleasure is all his. He calls me his Candy Girl.

Reminiscing about the day…I feel grateful I found the way of the Lady Warrior. I drift off to sleep with the satisfaction of knowing there will be many more like it. Life becomes amazing when you Master the Social Maze.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

P.S. The Lady Warrior will remain anonymous…since she believes we all possess the ability to self-actualize and obtain our highest values.

Author: PraxisBob

RA Meyer possesses an extensive background in many areas. For years, he has studied economics, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and success principles, integrating these disciplines into a coherent philosophy of life. In addition, his customer service (sales) career supplied him a deep understanding of human nature. He realizes there are basic principles of Objectivism, Individualism, Human Action and Spiritual Teachings that will help people become successful at achieving their goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to understand “Human Action in the Social Maze.”

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