Individualism or Collectivism



Is it Possible Collectivism isn’t as Powerful as You Think it is?


My name is RA Meyer. I am presenting a series of battles that are transpiring between the reigning champion “Collectivism” and its challenger “Individualism.”

We are well into the year 2017. Despite the fact that Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014…freedom-loving individuals appear to be surrounded on all sides by the enemies of personal liberty and economic freedom. We know these antagonists as soldiers of Collectivism.

Economic decline disguised as an economic recovery, terrorism, international conflict and war spells the news of the day. Governments respond by resorting to the same “poison” that caused the problems in the first place. And what is incredible is that despite some discontentment, the masses cry out for more…just as a drug addict craves more dope. Tragically, that’s the way of the Hive Mind Mentality

Do you remember hearing advocates of the New Age Movement claiming we have entered the Age of Aquarius…a period of spiritual enlightenment and economic prosperity. If this is true…where in the heck is it? An objective view of the situation tells a reasoning individual that we’re slippin’ and a slidin’ down the road to ruin.

Is it possible that out of the ashes of bad economic policies and destructive moral beliefs, the spiritually and economically enlightened will create an era of peace and prosperity?

Most of the progress over a period of 2000 years occurred in the last 350 years. What stunted progress for more than 1600 years? Tragically, it’s always the same sad story. A small, but incredibly powerful elite control the masses…whether it’s through feudalism, dictatorship or big government interventionism.

This is important to understand…so let the following sink in. People possess a range of emotions that determine their beliefs and their subsequent actions. Men and women have a choice of whether the positive emotions dominate their lives…or if they allow themselves to succumb to the negative ones. Sadly, the vast majority of people consciously or unconsciously choose the negative emotions of hate, intolerance, lack of forgiveness, envy, jealousy, covertness, anger, etc. They hopelessly get stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality.

A deadly combination is created when you combine the above with the fact…that most people display an ignorance of how Collectivism…which comes in forms such as socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism etc. etc….violates Economic Law. That’s how a small minority of manipulators grab more than 99% of the wealth. Most of the rest of us get to exist in a world of illusion. Just like in “The Matrix”…we accept the delusions of the Social Maze as reality.

Basically, that means four groups of people exist.

The Elite – This is a small group of extremely powerful people…who control a disproportionate amount of wealth and political power. This group holds a superior position and controls the big scale activities of the Social Maze. Quite often, they’re unknown to the masses. Collectivism bestows enormous benefits upon these people.

Collectivists – These include most members of the political and financial establishment, Social Altruists and the Mainstream Press. They enforce their brand of Collectivism using such weapons as political correctness…and the government’s apparatus of violent compulsion and coercion.

Members of the Hive Mind Mentality – Here are the vast majority of the population. These deluded men and women completely buy the illusions of the Social Maze. Their pacifiers include consumerism, sporting events, Reality TV, social media and other mindless entertainments. For your protection, you must know some graduate, becoming collectivists. On the other hand, we can express gratitude for the few who escape…and join the marvelous fourth group.

Individualists – Here we find the independent thinkers who see through the illusions of the Social Maze. These creative men and women achieve Rational Selfishness – Enlightened Self-Interest. What’s interesting is that they come from all walks of life. Let me introduce you to the Rebels…and the real Patriots of personal liberty and economic freedom. These courageous people fight for individual rights…openly or in the background.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying…do individualists have any fun at all?

Yes! They enjoy some of the same activities of those who reside in the Hive. However, these independent men and women experience them at a much higher level of pleasure and ecstasy…because they integrated and fine-tuned the body, mind and spirit.

The Anti-Life Agenda

The anti-life agenda of Collectivism eventually manifests as mass movements, mobs of true believers. Once this happens…nobody’s life, liberty and property remains safe. Residents of the Hive Mind Mentality embrace anyone who promises them a new ‘Utopia.” We’ve seen the results of this dangerous nonsense in “resort” areas such as…the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Germany, Castro’s Cuba, Mao’s Red China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, etc., etc.

Leaders of Collectivism widen their power through use of soldiers carefully placed in areas of social influence. These violators of individual rights develop an adeptness at dispensing vicious propaganda…knowing members of the Hive Mind Mentality will absorb it like a sponge. Soon Social Altruists and the Mainstream Press assault you with politically correct BS.

Obviously, independent thinkers resist these attacks on their senses. This is something collectivists cannot accept. So they enlist the strong arm of the government to achieve their evil goals. Let’s put it this way. If people don’t voluntarily accept ridiculous pronouncements and prohibitions, they lobby the government to pass laws making certain activities illegal. These creators of catastrophes attempt to force their evil agenda of Collectivism on others.

Currently, Collectivism counts among its best friends members of the political and financial establishment. In fact, you could say these purveyors of human misery make up a substantial part of the collectivist army.

In addition, its members are not above using religious fanaticism…killing, torturing and maiming millions and millions of people. The historical record of the atrocities committed in the name of religion tells a bloody tale.

Even though warriors of economic freedom and personal liberty have scored some important victories against Collectivism…it still controls human affairs. All you have to do is look at the state of world affairs and see this is true. It’s members have deftly taken great advancements in technology and information…subverting them to their anti-life purposes.

Fortunately, for the lovers of life, liberty and freedom, a new force has emerged to challenge Collectivism and its evil ways. Individualism has risen from the ashes of despair and defeat to give buoyancy to the fervent desires of the economically enlightened, the spiritually aware…and all freedom-loving individuals who reside on our great planet.

What if you could capture the “Debate of the 21st Century – Individualism or Collectivism. Well, here is your opportunity to embrace your personal liberty and economic freedom.

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