Master the Social Maze

Have You Had Enough of the Mind-Numbing Illusions of the Social Maze?

Break the Hold of the Elite – Now!

It’s Here. The place that discloses a hidden way of thinking, acting and feeling…that leaders of the Elite do not want you to discover. You will capture important insights that establishment institutions conceal. We will reveal critical information the Mainstream Media hides from you. We dedicate this blog to successfully guiding you through the Social Maze.

As every word travels from this article to your brain you’ll start to feel…

That you can control your thoughts, feeling and actions. You are not at the mercy of the “Elite” or the hopeless people…the delusional men and women who “depend” on so-called experts to guide them down the treacherous path of illusion.

Do you remember The Matrix?

We may not have Morpheus on our staff. However, we possess powerful, dynamic mental, emotional, spiritual and secret weapons that he would be proud to wield. Here’s an arsenal attack and self-defense that will break the hold the Hive Mind Mentality has on your well-being.

You probably know…

That in today’s world, you must possess an accelerated awareness. Stumbling around in the Social Maze with a Hive Mind Mentality guarantees failure, frustration and establishment mind control. And guess what…That’s exactly what the Elite wants you to do.

Here’s a definition of Maze from dictionary,com.

  1. a confusing network of intercommunicating paths or passages;labyrinth..any complex system or arrangement that causes bewilderment, confusion, or perplexity:
  2. Example: Her petition was lost in a maze of bureaucratic red tape.
  3. a state of bewilderment or confusion.

I know you’re thinking…the sociopaths and psychopaths who run the show cause as much confusion and chaos as possible.

You may be wondering why they would do this. Simple: It’s much easier for them to control you and keep you imprisoned in the Hive Mind Mentality…or to treat you as if you are a helpless mouse in a maze—a maze with no means of escape.

Well, it’s time…

For everyday people like you and me to rise up and declare our independence. And we don’t do it by becoming angry, violent and unfocused.

Power of the Everyday Warrior

You’ve probably noticed a certain anger infects our society with hate and disharmony. There are a lot of mad, furious people…in close contact with each one of us. Do you honestly believe that existing in an enraged state will bring you mental, emotional and spiritual peace? We hope not.

What if you could possess the power of an Everyday Warrior. Imagine going through life with a passionate, but calm, cool mentality. When you are firing on positive thoughts, emotions and actions, your effectiveness quickly accelerates. You powerfully maneuver through the Social Maze.

Does your self-esteem suffer because you feel like you exist as a worker bee in a suffocating hive? Each one of us felt our self-esteem plummet…when we mistakenly believed there was no escape. Illusions die hard.

Are Others More Important than You?

Members of the Elite would certainly like you to believe that. Even worse, other people you compete with in your daily existence hope you feel that way. The insecure build up their questionable self-worth by making themselves look more important than others.

Of course, it’s nice to feel a oneness with your environment…to know you’re exactly where you should be. However, in order to reach an accelerated state of awareness, you must realize that…YOU exist as the most important person in the world. I don’t mean as a brutish, self-centered person…but as a self-actualized individual. Every article we present propels you one step closer to that realization. In addition, we will recommend any resource we believe helps you.

Our extensive knowledge of psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, economics (not the dry, boring kind), exciting facts…and hidden secrets allows us to cover any area that can speed up your journey to self-realization. We want you to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy enough to enjoy the many pleasures of the body, mind and spirit.

Does the Social Maze Represent Reality?

Do you realize that the Social Maze manifests as a world of illusion. Sure, it seems mighty real. We need to face the fact that members of the Elite built it on the quicksands of non-reality.

Why do you think…

Everything around you appears to decay and crumble. Every day you hear stories about mass murder, war, terrorism, crime, racial and religious divisions and on and on and on.

In order to keep you pacified, you’re offered Reality TV, sports extravaganzas, new technological toys, Pokemon Go, fabricated economic news etc. You must not be allowed to disrupt the “smooth” functioning of the Social Maze.

We admit that some of the entertainment the establishment swamps us with is fun. Heck, I indulge in some of it. However, we can’t allow it to steal our body, mind and spirit. You certainly don’t want to OD on it.

We have to stop thinking like a limited human being…a flesh and blood failure.

Instead you must know you have the ability to leapfrog or jump over illusory walls. You don’t have to beat up the competition or break down walls.

Let me ask you. Are you happy with your cultural indoctrination? Do you feel any sense of freedom…running hopelessly around and around in the Social Maze? Wouldn’t you just love to break down it’s illusion—the grip it has over your precious being?

Must we remain ignorant to how the Elite uses the Social Maze to keep us enslaved. Do you find it rewarding to be stuck like glue to the rancid honeycomb of the Hive Mind Mentality?

What is Enlightenment..and what it isn’t

By the way, enlightenment doesn’t mean you live life as an ascetic monk or puritanical spiritual figure. will abandon useless activities that subtract from your precious life. Happily, favorite activities that add value to your life soar in pleasure..and offer you wonderful fulfillment. For instance, wouldn’t you love to expand your sensitivity to music and sex?

And the intensity of love. That’s something I can’t put into words.

It is time for us to enter a new paradigm of accelerated awareness. In fact, if we can conquer the idea that we’re saddled with limited consciousness, we will leap to a higher understanding.

If you feel offended…

By the suggestion that we live in a Social Maze polluted with a Hive Mind Mentality controlled by an elite of sociopaths and psychopaths…..then I recommend leaving this site and looking elsewhere for the soft-soap BS that reinforces your illusory comfort zone. That should be rather easy to find…since the Mainstream Press poisons your vulnerable mind with it. Yeah, that’s the way to go if you want your self-esteem permanently infected with hive venom. All we can say is…enjoy your weak-minded existence of searching for something to be offended by. Still, we wish you the best…if that’s possible.

An Exciting Journey of Realization

Remember when Morpheus offered Neo a choice between the blue and red pill. He said “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Make Your Choice - Reality or Illusion
                                       Make Your Choice – Reality or Illusion  
                                                                        We know the pills symbolize your state of consciousness.

Now it’s the time for you to make a decision.

You can continue taking the Putrid Dark Pills of the Hive Mind Mentality

                                          Putrid Dark Pill of the Hive
                                                                                                        The One that Shrinks your Mind


You can partake in the Violet Pill of Enlightenment…and Master the Social Maze.

                              The Power of the Warrior

The Power of the Warrior

As  you listen to your mind, you notice the feeling of…breathing the fresh, crisp, clean air of freedom…of breaking free from the illusory hold the Hive Mind Mentality desperately wants you to believe in.

And now you begin to realize…we can conquer the Elite.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze