Everyday Warrior’s Success Manual

Uncovered: The Warrior’s Powerful  Success Manual 

When the Economy Unravels…Soldiers of the Elite Will Demand Your Sacrifice.            Protect Yourself Before It’s Too Late!

Dear Friend

Published in 2013, this powerful success manual has remained in the background…virtually unknown. After observing events… such as the controversial 2016 Presidential race…and the unsettling events happening in everyday life…we decided it was time to uncover the powerful success manual 7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions.

Certainly the thing we fear most has come upon us…in the form of  continuous economic problems.

Years of government interventionism has created instability on the marketplace. Deficit spending, easy money policies that cause boom and bust cycles and foreign excursions…are straining the back of our economy.

In addition…we can add excessive taxation, crippling regulations on business, the drug war, war on poverty, welfare schemes, pyramid schemes, mass liberty violations etc. Piling massive bailouts on top of those beatings…threaten to permanently destroy the American Dream.

As you continue reading this report you find yourself…

Wondering if there remains any hope for the lone individual. Well, maybe not for the hapless person stumbling around the Social Maze…poisoned by the Hive Mind Mentality.

Now as you continue reading my words…

You discover that one type of individual conquers the illusions of the Social Maze…the Impeccable (Everyday) Warrior. He takes charge of his thoughts, feelings and actions. He sees reality for what it is. The reality oriented man and woman doesn’t allow the Elite’s lies and half-truths to brainwash them. They persist in their search for truth…and use the warrior’s powerful success manual to discover the steps to enlightenment…and self-actualization.

Just suppose…the economy begins to unravel, You can be sure altruists, do-gooders and world-improvers will put out the call for sacrifice. These soldiers of the Elite…claim that it is your patriotic duty to become a sacrificial lamb for those who desire unearned benefits.

Once you’re sacrificed…

You wake up as a worker bee…stuck as a member of the Hive Mind Mentality.

Allow yourself to consider the following.

Social altruism masquerades as the philosophy of selflessness and self-sacrifice. Actually, it horribly exists as a cannibalistic philosophy of hate and plunder. Elitists in the Government institutionalized it as a weapon to plunder productive citizens.

Are you beginning to see that…

Social altruists need irrationally selfish people…to accomplish their socially destructive goals. Who are the first ones to line up at the banquet of government benefits and handouts?

Now keep in mind that…

Social altruists patrol the Social Maze as soldiers…dedicated to implementing the evil plans of the Elite. Irrationally selfish people populate the The Hive Mind Mentality…living under the illusion that…these purveyors of human misery actually benefit them. The Everyday Warrior easily sees through this illusion. After all, he has the advantage of owning a powerful success manual.

An individual who practices rational self-interest realizes he possesses power. He (she) is an individualist, an Impeccable Warrior. He takes complete responsibility for his thoughts, feelings and actions…and confidently accomplishes his goals and desires.

As you continue reading…

You begin seeing how the Warrior’s Powerful Success Manual…7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions leads you step by step towards…your goal of Mastering the Social Maze.

Let’s face another harsh reality that…

Delusional people seldom give up their delusions. After all, they’re confirmed members of the Hive Mind Mentality. They don’t realize that everything government does to “alleviate” the economic blues will only worsen the situation. The Everyday Warrior knows better. He understands that government solutions only benefit the Elite…at the expense of the rest of us.

And now you begin to realize…

Step after Step…conquers one illusion after another. Imagine what that will do for your hazardous journey through the Social Maze.

Just suppose there’s…

A social system that benefits productive people and the average Joe. Well, it’s one the Elite and their cronies have beaten down and slandered. Their attacks have been so successful…people hampered with the Hive Mind Mentality believe their best friend is their worst enemy. Step 4 uncovers which system it is…and completely demolishes the opposition.

Notice how many people wake up in the morning overwhelmed with negativity. That’s a normal, but tragic condition of people trapped in the Social Maze…poisoned by the conditioning of the Hive Mind Mentality.

Just imagine for a moment that it is possible to experience the joy of your existence, no matter what happens around you. Step 5 reveals how you can obtain that happy state of being.

Step 6 leads you to a gift of inestimable value. It ties in nicely with Step 5

As your view continues to expand…you begin anticipating Step 7. It integrates the previous 6 Steps into a coherent, joyous way of life.

Envision yourself

  1. Shunning the anti-life philosophy of social altruists…stopping the attacks of these soldiers of the Elite.
  2. Eliminating irrational selfishness from from your life. That’s what the Everyday, Impeccable Warrior does.
  3. Existing as an Everyday Warrior who practices rational self-interest. You successfully move through the Social Maze…completely conquering the Hive Mind Mentality.
  4. Discovering the social system that makes it more likely you will achieve your goals and desires.
  5. Taking charge of your thoughts, feelings and emotions in order to be capable of effective actions.
  6. Easily practicing a method that guarantees…you soar to a state of accelerated awareness…and achieve self-actualization.

Imagine putting it all together as the Everyday, Impeccable Warrior’s Way of Life. You Master what we now refer to as the Social Maze…and begin conquering life’s illusions. You completely eliminate group thinking…or what we finally realized was the Hive Mind Mentality.

So now…you have to choose between aimlessly fluttering along the path of failure…one overpopulated with social altruists and the irrationally selfish or…

Confidently accelerating down the joyous, rewarding path of the courageous Warrior.

But wait! As a bonus…this Powerful Success Manual supplies you a Part 2… that includes 10 Powerful Chapters the Everyday Warrior uses to Master the Social Maze. We’ll wet your appetite by revealing…one of the chapters is “Exposing the Pleasure Principle.”

Okay, you’re probably wondering what else is in Part 2. How about Chapter 3 “Dominance and Submission.”

It’s time to…

The Warrior’s Powerful Success Manual

Make the courageous choice and discover “7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions.

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Chris Campbell of Laissez Faire Today says “ All you can really do is lead by example. And become what my friend Robert Meyer calls an “Impeccable Warrior.” According to Robert, becoming impeccable involves getting the mind, body, and spirit to work as one.