Prosper from the Elite’s Economic Illusions


What if you could…

Predict the consequences of their destructive economic policies 91% of the time…and actually prosper from the insanity.

Is this possible?

Dear Friend,

This blog dedicates itself to freeing you from the Hive Mind Mentality…and helping you Master the Social Maze. Because of this fact…we have decided to introduce an unknown, revolutionary book written 3 years ago. One that has more relevance than ever. After all, these are dangerous times…and the treachery of members of the Elite is responsible.

As you read every word of this report you will become stunned at…how easy it is to discover freedom from the Elite’s economic illusions.

Have you noticed that…

As soon as someone mentions economics…most people envision being subjected to a dry, boring subject. You are probably thinking…economics is a bunch of boring BS, isn’t it?

Just suppose…

The Elitist enemies of individual liberty and freedom have transformed a way of life based on common sense and easily understood principles…into an esoteric hodge-podge of equations, graphs and charts.

I’m sure you realize that as long as people are in the dark, members of the Elite and their cronies can make any claim, regardless of proof. This way they can continue to victimize you without opposition.

Do you like establishment types attempting to hoodwink you?

The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand…

Economics is exciting. It’s about people and their actions, part of the general science of Human Action. I guarantee the equations, graphs and charts the enemies of liberty use are meaningless. They have nothing to do with individuals and their actions. The real science of economics will supply you with your most effective weapons. Its validity delivers devastating blows to the evil plans of the Elite.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if…

You could spot the difference between economic illusion and economic reality? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you gained enough knowledge…to protect you and your loved ones from the wealth destruction that ruins the lives of many innocent victims? Wouldn’t it be liberating not having to rely on establishment “experts” for financial advice? You do know…these so-called experts are Soldiers of the Elite…don’t you?

You may be asking yourself…is this is really possible?

Desperation and Quack Economic Solutions

Time after time….

People become desperate for solutions to problems that come their way unbidden. This opens the door for crooks and charlatans to prey on them with quack economic solutions…convincing their victims that faulty economics supply the means to abundance and prosperity for all.

Certainly, you don’t want to become one of those helpless victims.

And I wonder if you’ve already begun to notice the fact that…

Another person doesn’t know what you need and desire more than you do. Isn’t it ridiculous to believe that a politician or a bureaucrat has the knowledge to decide what you require for your existence? Well, I have news for you. The Elite wants you to believe that illusion.

Your mind perceives that…

It’s amazing that only a few people question the economic “wisdom” of our political and financial leaders. For it is certainly flawed. We can easily see…how members of the Elite have a field day with your life, liberty and property. Let’s put it like this. Unless you and I have political connections, we end up holding the short end of the stick.

How do you feel about being offered a choice between two sticks…short and shorter.

Without a firm understanding of the basics of Human Action (economics)…you remain at the mercy of the evil mechanisms of the Elite. These sociopaths prefer you stay in the dark…permanently.

And now you begin to realize…

Governments are masters at creating poverty, misery, death and destruction. What they are very inept at is creating wealth and prosperity for their citizens. Could it be that the whole “ball of wax” is controlled by members of the Elite. Well, at least we know the origin of economic meltdowns.

Do you feel there might be a solution to this?

Has it occurred to you that…you must be able to predict the consequences of the Elite’s destructive economic policies 91% of the time…if you want to survive and thrive during the coming economic catastrophes.

You might wonder about the 91% number. We realize that nobody’s perfect. Fortunately, when a sports team wins that high of percentage of their games…it’s on its way to the championship.

Let’s discover some more championship information…it has to do with the Stability Illusion

Here’s the bottom line. The notion of a government created economy of stability and prosperity is contradictory and unrealizable…because it defies all logic and reason.

Individuals acting in their best interest by engaging in value for value relationships create positive and rewarding change.

How do you feel about flowing harmoniously with positive and rewarding change?

Face it. The Elite’s economic schemes are meant to feather their pockets…not bring you wealth and well-being.

You are intelligent enough to know…you are never going to remain the same…and that goes for your circumstances. You must anticipate change…and act accordingly.

7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered guides you through the Social Maze…and the inevitable, negative changes…Elitist members of the political and financial establishment create.

The reality is…

The Warrior Masters the Social Maze by…casting off the Hive Mind Mentality. He confidently advances towards his goals and desires. The more economic illusions he (she) conquers…the closer he accelerates towards success.

Now that’s something to think about. Happily accomplishing your goals and desires…instead of working hard to accomplish the Elite’s evil agenda.

Obviously, the Warrior doesn’t accept the Hive Mind Mentality’s definition of success. He decides what is…and what isn’t success.

You are ready for success, aren’t you? Well, we are here to help you Master the Social Maze…and we reveal any resource that will help you on your journey to self-actualization.

Clearly, there will be no Hive Mind Mentality for you.

The Conquering – Secret Economic Truths Revealed

In this ground-breaking book…you will come to realize…

  • The government doesn’t create wealth—it redistributes it through inflation and taxation.
  • How the Elite tries to convince you that “This time it is different”…even though their economic policies are the same scams re-packaged in new doublespeak.
  • All government interventions on the marketplace violate Economic Law. They are meant to extract wealth from you…wealth that ends up in the bottomless pockets of members of the Elite.
  • That the Fed’s Easy Money schemes only stimulate the earning power of the establishment. Your share goes down, down, down.
  • How members of the Elite manipulate market forces for their benefit…then blame free enterprise when you become unhappy with the state of affairs.
  • How all governmental job creation schemes actually eliminate good paying jobs. Do you want to super-size that order?
  • How members of the Elite try to convince you…economics is not an exact science. That way they can try anything they want… no matter how stupid it is. And you wonder why they get richer…and you suffer a decline in your wealth and earning power.
  • When people say the government ought to do something…they are rooting for the Elite.
  • You will be able to predict the consequences of the Elite’s destructive economic policies 91% of the time. Now that’s called success.
  • You know more about how basic market forces work…much more than 99% of the population. Can you imagine how much of an advantage that will give you.
  • And..much, much more.

So now you have to choose between…Economic Freedom or economic slavery.

Wait a minute! This revolutionary book supplies you a Bonus Part 2. How about 3 Chapters that ask “Is the American Dream Illusion or Possibility?” 

Just imagine the possibility of the revival of the American Dream.

That’s not all. You receive 5 additional chapters…for a total of 8 Bonus Chapters.

Now back to your 2 choices. What will it be…Economic Freedom or economic slavery?

 Enemy of the Elite’s Economic Illusions

Choose Economic Freedom…and you will discover everything you need…to see through the illusions of the political and financial establishment. Think about what that will mean for your personal and financial well-being…and that’s exactly what “7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered” will supply you.

Because of the unknow impact Donald Trump’s election…will have on your personal liberty and economic freedom…we want to give you every possible reason to say YES to  “7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered

The Election Results Presents You With Many Economic Challenges

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See this clearly...7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered is the most powerful introduction to the knowledge you need…to protect you and your loved ones from the vicious agenda of the political and financial establishment.

Order today…while you still have time to protect yourself from the Elite’s parasitic agenda.

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P.S The Managing Editor of Laissez Faire Today says “Even so, the status quo paints a pretty convincing mirage. And the media relentlessly spreads the seeds of illusion. For that reason, a refresher every once in a while is always a good idea. This is precisely why, over the weekend, I picked up Robert Meyer’s book 7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered.