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When you look at our social and economic woes, you wonder if you can find any hope for the future. Sure, it appears that the economy could be recovering, but you realize what you see may be an illusion. After all, government spending is out of control and it seems as if we’ve suffered a moral decline. On top of that, you may be suffering from personal difficulties.

During moments of weakness, you feel that life slams you with hopelessness. After all, how else could you possibly feel? If your personal life continually deals you pain and sorrow, you cry in despair “Oh God, why must I suffer? Why does life treat me so cruelly? I don’t think I can’t take it anymore.”

Even though the changing seasons promise a new birth and renewal of spirit, you sense that your spirit dies a little more each day. Hopelessness and despair cause you to believe that only your total surrender to unavoidable circumstances will bring you the relief you so much yearn for.

Maybe you wish you could live a carefree life without troubles, without worries, existing in a heavenly paradise. I’m sure you already know that nobody can offer you that. World-improvers and altruists have attempted to create the utopias they envisioned in their deepest dreams and desires; only to manifest hell like environments that caused untold millions misery and death. Reading the pages of history tells you many sad tales of well-intentioned plans going awry.

Ok, if hopelessness reigns as the human condition, where do we gain the strength to do anything at all? Allow me to explain why hopelessness hanging around as a permanent visitor is an illusion; that it’s actually possible for you to Master the Social Maze

What if you could arrive at a place where you experience the world as a marvelous home, filled with magic, with the joy of existence. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Still, you must realize and accept the following.

If there is up, there is down. You wouldn’t recognize hot without cold. Could you call anything pleasure, if you never experienced pain? Would anyone know love without hate? Of course, if there is black, there is white. By the way, becoming attached to the belief that white must always win, will cause you unnecessary suffering. That’s why the establishment continually creates circumstances where it’s one group against another. That’s meant to keep you enslaved in the Hive Mind Mentality; hopelessly captured by unseen forces in the Social Maze.

Let’s arrive at a happy conclusion. If there is hopelessness, there is hope. Yes, there is definitely hope. Why? Nothing exists without its opposite, because if we turn hopelessness upside down, we have hope and it’s ours for the taking. It is exactly the moment when there doesn’t seem to be any hope, that we are closest to embracing it.

The Place Where Hope Exists

You may be asking “If hope exists, where do I find it.?” Well, you won’t discover it outside of who you are; so, don’t try to search for it in the material world. Currently, sociopaths seem the control events in the Social Maze; which means you have to possess it before the world reveals it many wonders to you. Do you understand that you create your reality; it manifests from your deepest thoughts and beliefs. Yes, you possess the “Holy Grail” of hope right now, whether you realize it or not.

Is your state of mind so overwhelmed with negativity that you feel your pain and suffering will last forever? Maybe you suddenly realized how dire your financial situation is or how unrewarding your love relationship is.

Possibly, you suffer from the bittersweet memory of driving around one special evening during the holiday season with your beloved spouse, the love of your life who passed on, to a place we must all go. Tears fall freely when you remember losing direction and getting lost, only to come upon a neighborhood that displayed the most brilliant of all Christmas scenes, with colorful visions of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

It’s possible that the warm breeze of a day in mid-summer, a delightful day that blesses us with the melodious songs of chirping birds, the sweet fragrance of various flowers and the rich green of the rolling landscape, tortures you with the heartbreaking memory of a love, a love lost to another. These so-called seasons of joy only increase your heartache and sorrow.

Still, there is always hope that a new day of joy and happiness dawns in your life. Let’s overcome hopelessness by capturing success and happiness…and you do that by Mastering the Social Maze.

Do you know the dawning of a new day has only one simple requirement? Now, I can’t guarantee that it erases all of your pain and suffering. However, you can definitely discover the sweetness of hope from within. The “Holy Grail” of hope is purpose in life, something you discover by searching within. Purpose in life moves you forward, even during days of darkness, allowing hope to remain by your side.

Live with Purpose by Doing What You Love.

Now your purpose doesn’t have to be life shattering, although that’s a possibility. It could be something as simple as a passion for poetry or a love of music. It could be fervently enjoying evenings of bingo or karaoke.

Ask yourself these questions. What brings you pleasure and satisfaction in life? What do you enjoy? I’m sure something makes you feel life is worthwhile. Do you know that most people who succeed indulge in an activity that supplies them extreme pleasure?

If you are so depressed that you can’t think of anything that could possibly give you purpose, try to remember what once brought you joy and satisfaction and meditate on it. I’m sure something in the distant past added spice to your life. Maybe, it’s an “oldie” you can retrieve or a memory that sparks your creativity. Can you make it part of your now and future or create a new present moment?

Purpose in life is a prerequisite for success and happiness. Go ahead and discover it. Imagine waking up every morning with hope and enthusiasm. Visualize having something marvelous to look forward to. If you possess purpose, you possess happiness. If you possess happiness, I know you possess purpose in life.

You think and plan; but the passion you need comes from within, from the heart. By choosing and embarking on a path with heart, your cup of wonder overflows with love, happiness, fulfillment, laughter and peace of mind.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to help you conquer the obstacles that cause you to stumble around hopelessly in a world created by the Elite and its Soldiers, reaching a point where you Master the Social Maze.

When you enter one of the categories on the right, you will discover controversial articles on politics and economics, exposes’ the politically correct crowd would prefer you didn’t know about. I admit I indulged in some negativity in some of those articles because exposing something that isn’t good for the lone individual requires that. Fortunately, I am moving away from those types of articles. I’ve said everything I have to say. Now it’s time to move on to Mastering the Social Maze and that requires positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

In addition, you can partake in personal stories about the author’s sometimes rocky journey through the Social Maze. You will also discover mind-expanding insights on how to become an Integrated Individual.

Now you realize that it’s time to allow your mind-expanding journey to begin.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Author: PraxisBob

RA Meyer possesses an extensive background in many areas. For years, he has studied economics, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and success principles, integrating these disciplines into a coherent philosophy of life. In addition, his customer service (sales) career supplied him a deep understanding of human nature. He realizes there are basic principles of Objectivism, Individualism, Human Action and Spiritual Teachings that will help people become successful at achieving their goals and desires. His knowledge that life is to be lived on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowed him to understand “Human Life in the Social Maze.”

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