Books – The Conquering Series

“Here are the 3 Powerful Books of the Conquering Series”

8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions

51BusY+-8iL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Capture a psychological arsenal of attack and self-defense.

Finally… a Book That Shows You How to Expose the Dark Forces of the Elite…and Fight Back Before It’s Too Late!

Every single day, your personal liberty and economic freedom is chipped away by members of the Elite and their Soldiers which include…politicians, bureaucrats, Wall Street cronies, and politically correct tyrants.

Have you ever wondered why they are so doggedly persistent in their agenda? Why is it, if they hold all the power, do they constantly need to hammer down dissension?

It’s simple… because you, the individual, are far more powerful than most think. They know it…do you?

Chris Campbell Managing Editor of Laissez Faire Today says “READ THIS BOOK. Deprogram yourself completely of the lies…you’ve been spoon-fed by government and mass media and read 8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions. You owe it to yourself and the world to wake up and smell the liberty.”

Act Now! Capture The Dynamic Weapons Before It’s Too Late…and order the all encompassing 222 page 3rd book in the Conquering Series “8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions.”

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7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered

34bb1a71e91a721bee93ed254a62368c-29CONQUER THE ELITE’S ECONOMIC ILLUSIONS…


Just imagine you can…Predict the consequences of their destructive economic policies 91% of the time.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if…You could spot the difference between economic illusion and economic reality? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you gained enough knowledge…to protect you and your loved ones from the wealth destruction that ruins the lives of many innocent victims? Wouldn’t it be liberating not having to rely on establishment “experts” for financial advice? You do know…these so-called experts are Soldiers of the Elite…don’t you?

Chris Campbell, Managing Editor of Laissez Faire Today says “The status quo paints a pretty convincing mirage. And the media relentlessly spreads the seeds of illusion. This is precisely why, over the weekend, I picked up Robert Meyer’s book 7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered.

Protect yourself from the Elite’s parasitic agenda…while you still have time and order the 2nd book in the Conquering Series…7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered.

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7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions

34bb1a71e91a721bee93ed254a62368c-28Uncovered: The Warrior’s Powerful  Success Manual 

When the Economy Unravels…Soldiers of  the Elite Will Demand Your Sacrifice.

 Protect Yourself Before It’s Too Late!

Years of government interventionism has created instability on the marketplace. Deficit spending, easy money policies that cause boom and bust cycles and foreign excursions…are straining the back of our economy.

Also, we can add excessive taxation, crippling regulations, drug war, war on poverty, welfare schemes, pyramid schemes, liberty violations. Piling massive bailouts on top of those beatings…threaten to permanently destroy the American Dream.

Just suppose…the economy begins to unravel. You can be sure altruists, do-gooders and world-improvers will put out the call for sacrifice. These soldiers of the Elite…claim it is your patriotic duty to become a sacrificial lamb for those who desire unearned benefits.

Chris Campbell of Laissez Faire Today says “All you can really do is lead by example. And become what my friend Robert Meyer calls an “Impeccable Warrior.” According to Robert, becoming impeccable involves getting the mind, body, and spirit to work as one.

Now is the time to take advantage of the 1st book in the Conquering Series “7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions.” Once the agenda of the Elite unravels…it’s going to be too late for you to protect your life, liberty and property. 

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