Money Tree, Gold and One World Money

Do you ever dream about coming across a money tree? Well, I’m going to have to bust your bubble. Damn…I can’t do that either. The Fed owns the only money tree and the largest monetary bubble. Unfortunately, for many people…one day the Fed’s tree will go bare and the bubble will burst. When, where and how…nobody knows.

Easy Money Addicts, the Money Tree and the Mogambo Guru

I was feeling particularly low, having sunk into a sloppy, self-pitying, tequila-fueled, drunken introspection after (again) failing to achieve blissful Nirvana, this time per my wonderful new (“Why didn’t I think of it before?”) theory, which is to finally attain true transcendence through sheer, strict gluttony.

Let’s find out what caused the Mogambo Guru to reach such a state of despair. Does he pick himself up with new insights?

Let’s begin with my take on the situation.

People must love bubbles, balloons and the money tree. How else can you explain their addictions to monetary and economic policies that defy all reason and rationality. On the street you can buy some nasty sh-t know as Meth. That’s kid’s stuff compared to the high people receive from the Fed’s easy money schemes. Need a dream house, a car that’s on your wish list, a exotic vacation…just pray for interest rates that sink lower and lower.

You’re probably wondering how the rates could go any lower. It’s just possible the Fed unleashes a new monetary monster known as NIRP…Negative Interest Rate Policy. Instead of the bank paying you interest on your savings…the Banksters charge you interest. What a nightmare.

I can read your mind now. You’re thinking what’s the point of saving money. And that’s exactly what the Elite and its soldiers want you to think. You deplete your savings as fast of possible…and spend new earnings immediately. You do realize…it’s patriotic to embrace rabid consumerism.

Banking Bankster Style
                                                                          Banking Bankster Style

The Easy Money Addict

I asked an easy money addict about saving money. He blasted me by mentioning that he only receives a stinking 0.00666% on his savings account. Anyway, isn’t it unpatriotic to save, I mean hoard money. He told me that he’s living for today. He almost convinced me to partake in the toxic punch bowl he was drinking from.

My god, doesn’t he realize…we could be accelerating towards a crack up boom. On second thought maybe that’s why he adamant on living for now.

Let’s allow the Mogambo Guru to set us straight…that is if we can get him away from his tequila, gold, silver and fortune cookie. Right now he’s raving on about Keynesian econometric gibberish. Let’s listen in on his tirade.

Peak bond prices so high that interest rates are almost literally zero! The S&P 500 peaking at a P/E ratio so high that it is in the “historically high” range! Housing prices that cost an incredible four times the average income! An $18 trillion national debt, more than 100% of GDP! Total (government, business and personal) debt of an astonishing $60 trillion, against an entire GDP of only $17 trillion!

Government spending (federal, state and local), school systems and myriad taxing authorities together spend about 40% of GDP!”

And it’s getting worse. No wonder he’s sopping down the tequila. I wonder if his fortune cookie says anything about investing in precious metals.

The Money Tree

By the way, we have found the money tree. It resides in the luxury garden of the Federal Reserve System.

The Fed's Money Tree
                                                                       The Fed’s Money Tree

I discovered you must possess a membership card to access it. I think I will ask the easy money addict how to get one of these cards. He seems to be awash with easy money. Happy days are here again, it’s back to easy living again.

Well, I just received a photocopy of our addict’s membership card. Here’s the image that’s on it.

Citizen's Money Tree
                                                                         Citizen’s Money Tree

P.S. Nothing sabotages the Mogambo Guru’s reasoning ability. He’s as sharp as ever.

New World Currency Backed by Gold

How about a new world currency backed by gold? After all, sound money advocates usually recommend the gold standard.

According to Jim Rickards it would be a gold-backed SDR. He has indicated that a 50% backing would be enough to make it an effective, viable currency. We believe this shows some promise. However, we do have some reservations. In fact, since the IMF is involved…it’s downright scary.

We generally support the monetary discoveries of the Austrian School of Economics. Austrians prefer the Classical Gold Standard in which money is not “fixed” to a particular price of gold but defined as a specific weight of gold…and the price floats. Most Austrians oppose having a monetary authority or central bank issue monetary instruments…and instead favor leaving that to private banks. It’s doubtful that members of this school of economics would accept a gold-backed SDR (Special Drawing Rights) which is a currency created by the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The fact it may not have a 100% gold-backing probably dampens their enthusiasm.

According to WikipediaThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization headquartered in Washington D. C., of 188 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.”

One quick glance a world monetary events makes us skeptical of the effectiveness of this organization. And that brings us to our next concern.

Conspiracy theorists warn us about the threat of a totalitarian one-world government. You’ve probably heard of the Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations. Talks of an international currency no doubt causes them to see red flags everywhere. You know, they have a point. Most Americans like their autonomy, although the political and financial establishment continues to destroy it. We may crumble from within before outside sources topple us.

In the article New World Money – One World Government I stated “Here’s the real kicker…or maybe I should say “kick in the rear.” You and I cannot officially buy SDR’s. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is the only institution that can print and distribute the New World Money.

Do you want to guess what that means? It has what is called an Elite “basket.” Only member states that are within the privileged can freely exchange SDR as currency. SDR’s are used to take loans or make repayments made by the IMF.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you and I could get our hands on some of that New World Money to pay our debts? Of course, we’re excluded as hapless prisoners of the Hive Mind Mentality…even though some of us escaped.

In addition, member banks can sell them during times of economic crisis. What does this accomplish? It props up their currency reserves. The Everyday Warrior realizes this amounts to paper illusions on top of paper illusions….even though the SDR will become the New World Money.”

The Gold Manipulation Scam
                                                                  The Gold Manipulation Scam

I wonder if the Elite and its Soldiers want to get their filthy paws on our gold and silver. Remember what FDR pulled during the Great Depression. That was the “Big Gold Confiscation Scam.” This is all rather disturbing. Damn those Keynesian swindlers. Maybe a deep meditation will restore my peace of mind. On second thought…I’m sure glad I have a bottle of Extra Smooth Brandy on my desk.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

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Libertarianism – Conspiracy or Classical Liberalism

It appears…Libertarianism suffers from confusion and misunderstanding. We must ask: Is it just another establishment conspiracy to appease the lovers of personal liberty and economic freedom…or does it soar as the “Real McCoy.”

For example a reader on Reddit expressed the following thoughtful concerns about my unimpressive response.

This is the answer I have gotten every time I have spoken with a libertarian about this: that there’s nothing that can be done to right a wrong perpetrated years ago, and that I’m vaguely racist (“get beyond the racial….”) for suggesting that we should do so.

But due to racist government policy during the 20th century, there is a serious disparity in real estate ownership in this country. What is the first step in achieving the American Dream? Buying a house. Libertarians I’ve spoken to are happy to maintain a pool of minority renters for the properties they inherited from parents and grandparents, all of whom were given federal loans, while minorities were not. This means redistribution/reparations are necessary.

“Take my property over my dead body!” Libs say, even though very little to no concessions will need to be made by the middle class, it’s the RICH who will be mostly affected.

“But the government has proven itself inept! We can’t give them MORE power to redistribute!” they say. It’s a fair point. But does that mean we just ignore the extreme inequity that is the current situation? Of course not. A wrong has been perpetrated on a significant portion of the population. It needs to be righted.

According to an article that came out today, upwards of 80% of Americans are living at or near the property line. If people are unable to pay for their basic needs in an already unfair and unbalanced system, how on earth can we assume it will right itself with no human intervention?

So, there is the long version of what I wrote above. If a Libertarian can give me a viable solution, and not repeat that it can’t be done, I’m happy to listen. Until then, I’m convinced capitalism IS the problem, and not the solution.

PS: Libs believe everything should be privatized, including our national parks. That is what I mean about Pepsi.

We have an issue, government created, right now, today, that has to be righted. Why are so few blacks Libertarians? Because they failed to benefit from these policies that have put Libs ahead of them! Invariably, Libs have something tangible of value that was gained from the free 40+ years head start they were granted, but refuse to see how that value being leveraged to greater value has put minorities in a position where they can NEVER catch up. Minorities are too busy spinning their wheels paying rents to people who got that head start (along with a pathetic public education that maintains their financial ignorance).”

In Part 2…I will address capitalism. Part 1 deals with libertarian ideology. I hope my analysis answers the above concerns.

Classical Liberalism

Once upon a time almost everyone knew Libertarianism as Classical Liberalism. Now the connection is all but forgotten. What happened?

You may have no idea that…before the early part of the 20th century the word liberal described the philosophy of free enterprise, personal liberty, economic freedom and individualism. This wasn’t to everyone’s liking…especially those who wished to impose their socialist utopias on the rest of us.

The liberty-violators knew they had to turn people away from Classical Libertarianism.

You are probably wondering how the would-be Utopian attempted to achieve his lofty goal. Well, he resorted to what George Orwell in his great book “1984” calls doublespeak. The enemies of liberty and freedom cleverly perverted the meaning of liberal…transforming it into the opposite of classical liberalism. Now we call statists, socialists, fascists and big government supporters liberals or progressives…instead of conservative reactionaries…which stands out as the realistic term.

The reader from Reddit mentions, the disparity in real estate ownership due to racist government policy. He would also like to “right the wrongs” of the past.

Classical liberals believed the government’s only function was to protect the individual’s life, liberty and property…which requires only a limited government. A racist government stumbles well beyond this.

When it comes to “righting wrongs” a major problem exists. Pseudo-liberals think from a collective point of view…looking at minorities as a race instead of unique individuals. That’s one reason we continually suffer from racial tensions.

Libertarians who act from the wisdom of Classical Liberalism see each man and woman as an individual. Really…we’re not bees or ants…although the Elite and its Soldiers attempt to keep us stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality.

                                The Difference Between Classical Liberalism and Fake Liberalism

Incidentally true libertarians come from all aspects of life. These supporters of the individual can exist as professionals or live the Bohemian lifestyle. The Father of Libertarianism…the great economist Ludwig von Mises never acquired great riches. He cared most about his intellectual pursuits. In addition, he called himself a Classical Liberal.

Is it possible the Libertarian Party is a conspiracy of the Elite? After all, its candidates are expected to siphon off votes from conservative republicans. Can you see…the effort rates as a dismal failure. The 3rd party receives an embarrassing amount of votes. Apparently, blacks, whites and Hispanics completely ignore it—thinking it represents whacked out stuff. That attitude comes courtesy the Soldiers of the Elite…especially the Mainstream Press.

Can you see the obvious problem with redistribution and reparations? The government possesses no legitimate wealth of its own. It will have to either raise taxes on innocent citizens or create the money out of thin air…or both. Isn’t it apparent schemes such as these always fail. Look at the mess were in because of the Federal Reserve scams of QE and ZIRP. They’re destroying the middle class. Taxes siphoned off the wealth of the marketplace…cause a lower productivity of labor. Governments never efficiently use the taxpayers money. It goes down a bureaucratic rat hole. Only free individuals possess the ability to improve economic and social injustice. However, you can’t force them to do it.

Incidentally, the Fed’s schemes to encourage people to buy houses they couldn’t afford…ended rather badly…and always will.

Here’s a fact. There are no viable government solutions. Government interventionism fails miserably…and eventually destroys civilizations.

The Ayn Rand Influence

Ayn Rand stands tall as the mother of Libertarianism…although she didn’t like it. She considered libertarians undisciplined hippies…enemies of the disciplined mind. Her philosophy of Objectivism relies on the virtue of reason and disdains most spiritual paths. That’s why many people find it cold-hearted and unfeeling. Go to an Objectivist meeting and and encourage the participants to engage in some Zen meditations.

Does that make you wonder if…members of the Elite helped create Libertarianism as an antidote to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism? Once again we see a possible conspiracy to empower fake liberalism in order to disarm Classical Liberalism.

I admit Atlas Shrugged remains one of my favorite books of all time.

When it was published in 1957, the establishment ridiculed Ayn Rand’s masterpiece as cartoonish and unrealistic. You know, clear-cut heroes and villains. How rude of her to distinguish the difference between good and evil. Tragically, in our morally hazy environment of government interventionism where anything goes…the attitude of her critics becomes understandable. Enemies of life, liberty and property rights certainly prefer nothing should be pure, clear-cut or honest. I guess these parasites don’t believe…they indulge in selfishness. After all, aren’t Social Altruists loving, giving people. Yeah, but only if they can confiscate the love and giving from someone else.

The weakness of Atlas Shrugged seems to be its indifference to middle class people of average skills and abilities. In his great masterpiece Human Action, the great economist Ludwig von Mises conclusively demonstrated that value is subjective. It’s not our place to tell someone what he should or should not like. Still, Rand’s glorification of the best men and women can be remains unsurpassed. The productive individual gains and keeps values.

Anyway, here it is more than 59 years later…Ayn Rand looks like a prophet and Atlas Shrugged her prophecy. I’m sure this undeniable fact drives her critics up a wall. Certainly, they attempt to remain in denial…as witnessed by their absurd economics policies…policies that destroy the delicate fabric of Western Civilization.

Easily Understood Wisdom
Easily Understood Wisdom

Are you beginning to notice…that’s the way the Elite and its Soldiers want it. From the ashes of Western Civilization rise the monstrosity of fascism.


Libertarianism resulted from the attempt to rescue Classical Liberalism from the grip of its enemies. Unfortunately, despite the fact it has scored some victories…it has failed to convince most men and women of the virtues of personal liberty and economic freedom.

The libertarian movement suffers from a major flaw. It’s become rigid…and even worse…like an exclusive social club. I’ve been writing articles for almost a decade. The result: The libertarian aristocracy has completely ignored me. Maybe, its members consider me a second-rate hack. Who knows? I wonder how many other aspiring libertarians feel the same way.

Is it possible the libertarian establishment enjoys living on the outside…looking in? Savvy marketers know you can enjoy success by appealing to a small niche. In addition, elitism means only a few intellectually qualify to join the upper echelon of the libertarian movement.

We can conclude…libertarianism was not created by the Elite and its Soldiers, but still suffers from elitism. However, its power comes no where close to matching the power the 0.1% of the real Elite enjoys.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze