Speak Your Mind – Even if Nobody Likes It

Are you afraid you will offend people if you speak your mind? Does that cause you to keep your opinions to yourself?

Of course, there are times when it’s best to remain silent. An intelligent person recognizes the power of silence. You don’t want to spout off opinions that have no substance. You want your words to resonate with power and authority. A Master Sales Pro knows listening gets more results than talking.

President-Elect Donald Trump speaks his mind…whether anyone likes it or not. And people criticize him for it. Regardless, he won the election over that “outstanding” candidate Hillary Clinton. Makes you wonder why Hillary didn’t receive more flak. She’s always willing to speak her mind…even when she’s telling an obvious lie.

Political forces such as Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and John McCain freely live by the principle speak your mind. And these luminaries seldom make sense.

Remember when Trump stirred things up…and created headlines when when he accused the Mexican government of sending its criminals to the US. The Washington Post claims his assertions are untrue. HISPOLITICA states Trump is right.

He even attacked John McCain’s war record. Now it’s true we might have a border problem. We can definitely slam McCain for his warmongering ways and lousy record on economic issues. However, Trump displays no mercy when he attacks something he doesn’t like. Well, we can admire him because he’s ready to speak his mind. When I think about it I almost envy him.

Donald Trump Speaking His Mind
                                                            Donald Trump Speaking His Mind

Speak My Mind – Date Walks Out

Do you ever feel when you speak your mind…people wish you would just shut up? I understand…because when I speak my mind I seldom receive any praise. Instead I invite criticism. That’s one reason I began writing.

Here’s a perfect example. One of my girlfriends told me she didn’t want to hear any of my views on economics or politics—ever. Our final date became the sounds of silence…although she did mention that I was a much nicer fellow when I kept my mouth shut. Yeah, it was definitely our last date when I sopped down 3 double shots of Wild Turkey 101 and finally told her what I thought. I said goodbye to love, if that’s what you can call it. I wonder if she misses me.

It occurred to me that if I possessed the wealth the “The Donald” or Mark Cuban possesses…she probably would have smiled like the Mona Lisa at anything I said.

Girlfriend Smiling Like the Mona Lisa
                                                         Girlfriend Smiling Like the Mona Lisa

Are you good at small talk? Personally, I don’t like it too much. While we were at a popular Mexican restaurant another girlfriend told me I was terrible at small talk. Really, why would I want to discuss the latest gossip and look at pictures of “Grumpy Cat” all night.

Here’s what happened. I tried to tell her it’s possible we are all freakin’ doomed. That’s at least what the Mogambo Guru claims. I ranted and raved about the evil Federal Reserve System…and expressed my sentiments about run away government spending. I went on and on about the massive liberty violations committed by the violent compulsion and coercion of our police state. And this was before, I had my first drink. It’s a shame I never got to order our margaritas. She walked out the restaurant and my life. It’s sure costly to speak your mind.

The Consequences

Whether you agree or disagree with Donald Trump, you have to admire the fact he is willing to speak his mind. I guess he possesses the power to say anything he wants. It must me nice to become more popular when you speak your mind. Of course, liberals hate him. To please a modern progressive you have indulge in doublespeak, the politically correct. Maybe that’s why I’m never invited to any parties. None of these socialists or big government types want to hear me speak my mind. It certainly can’t have anything to do with my ranting and raving about our abusive government and the evil Federal Reserve System…especially after a few drinks have loosened me up. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been invited to any tee-teetotaler’s recreational events.

Faces that Cause You to Talk Like a Raving Maniac.
                                         Faces that Cause You to Talk Like a Raving Maniac.

Power of Silence

I’m sure you realize spouting off unwelcome opinions hurts your credibility. Do you realize how much the overly talkative person depletes his positive energy. The Everyday Warrior masters the power of silence, because he knows his words contain power. The intelligent individual treats his words like scarce resources. When he speaks, he imparts great meaning in what he says. By the way, the less you say, the more you surround your being with an aura of mystery.

In addition, in most cases…it’s best to keep your plans and strategies to yourself.

When you carelessly reveal these, you risk envious people attempting to sabotage you with their thoughts and actions. Sadly, he or she wishes to see you fall flat on your face. Anyway, you don’t want other people stealing your ideas. You should know that successful actions say much more than unrealized talk.

Who needs the embarrassment of people laughing at his or her’s unsubstantiated claims when they fail to materialize.

You silently make your plans and put them into action. If you succeed, the world will know soon enough.


You have every right to speak your mind. However, a person who possesses wisdom knows there’s a time to speak and time for silence. Certainly, you want your words to possess power.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Emotional Terrorist – Enemy of Enlightened Self-Interest

An Emotional Terrorist can infect your body, mind and spirit with venom that spews from his or her forked, evil tongue. The vicious attack could descend you into the pits of hell…a living hell in your own living room or bedroom.

The Everyday Warrior acts from enlightened self-interest. He doesn’t want any part of his world polluted by a person…who lives his mean, disharmonious life as an Emotional Terrorist. Even hapless men and women stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality…do not desire its extremely neurotic members victimizing them.

The Hopeless Battle Begins

Victimizers become “masters” at sucking their victims into their warped mind. These dispensers of hurt and misery seem adept at poking your hot buttons. The next thing you know…the Emotional Terrorist has engaged you into an exchange of words and emotions. And it goes downhill from there…quickly.

You probably know…it’s impossible to win an argument or discussion with a damaged individual. You might as well challenge LeBron James to a winner take all basketball game.

Usually…the Emotional Terrorist will take the discussion to its illogical, often violent conclusion. Thinking there’s a chance for a win-win agreement or a compromise is an illusion. I hope you desire to see through illusion. That’s how you Master the Social Maze.

Are you beginning to see…if you attempt to prove your point with logical reasoning, this type of person won’t attempt to refute you. Instead, he (she) will resort to name calling and character assassination. Note: In the rest of the article, I will use the pronoun he, although you can substitute she according to the situation.

In case you are wrong and he knows it, be prepared for him to drag your intelligence and self-worth through the dung heap. The key to understanding the Emotional Terrorist is figuring out…he would much rather be right than happy, even when he is wrong.

You normally hear about violence men commit against women…and it’s a serious problem. You seldom hear about how a woman with a borderline personality disorder terrorizes a man. Here’s an article that explains it. 13 Signs Your Wife or Girlfriend is a Borderline or a Narcissist.

You’re Positive You have a Valid Point

Let’s say the previous abuse didn’t deter you…you unwisely make another attempt to prove your point. Unfortunately, your “opponent” is up to the challenge. He throws you a nasty curve by saying mean things about your mother, father, relatives, ex spouses, lovers, beliefs, etc.

If, heaven forbid, you still attempt to address the issue he could very well turn physically violent.

It’s probably occurred to you…a person like this disregards the golden rule. He certainly wouldn’t accept the awful things he says to you. If you don’t believe me, test him if you have the nerve. (I don’t advise doing this.) I guarantee he will increase his verbal abuse…and quite possibly resort to violence.

As incredible as it might seem, when you defend yourself against the violence, the perpetrator may threaten to call the police on you. Obviously, a person such as this does not possess any objective beliefs; for instance, like the virtue of trading value for value. You must realize…you are dealing with an Emotional Terrorist.

The Wrath of a Woman with a Borderline Personality Disorder
                                   The Wrath of a Woman with a Borderline Personality Disorder

The Day After

Go forward in time to the day after. You unhappily discover…the sociopath will show absolutely no remorse or regret for his actions. Incredibly, an apology is out of the question. If you mention anything about the incident, expect another round of verbal abuse.

People who react in this way seethe with anger and hate. They have a malevolent sense of life… and stubbornly refuse to pursue anything to do with self-actualization. The Emotional Terrorist sends logic, reason, love, understanding, kindness, empathy and peace of mind on a permanent vacation. He seems to commit his life to destroying relationships.

Let’s say you embark on your own self-actualization journey. Maybe, you would like to exist as an Everyday Warrior. Here’s where the real kick in the rear knocks you off your feet. These men and women are so far gone…they will harshly criticize you for attempting to better yourself. As far as they’re concerned all freedom-lovers, spiritual teachers, motivators, trainers, self-improvement specialists are full of it. Face it, the Emotional Terrorist “thrives” on conflict and disharmony.

Enlightened self-interest means…you do not waste your precious time discussing anything with this type of individual. Why would you invite someone to verbally and physically abuse you? When you engage a sociopath…you set a flame to the negative energy that permeates the atmosphere.

Man Terrorizing Defenseless Woman
                                                           Man Terrorizing Defenseless Woman

To Walk Away or Fight

You might think walking away from an Emotional Terrorist is the easiest course of action to take. Here’s a fact for you. Leaving the scene requires amazing self-control. Once you are under attack…the natural tendency is to defend yourself. If you have any moral fervor about the right to self-defense…you’ll be ready to jump into the fire and fight a losing battle. You have to be on guard at all times and control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Here are a 4 possible ways to deal with an Emotional Terrorist.

  1. Don’t get involved with one in the first place. Unfortunately, this type of individual might not reveal his true self until he has you wrapped up. Plus sociopaths seem to possess the ability to turn on the charm. Even though you might be blinded with infatuation…take control and discover someone’s value system before you fall head first into the relationship.   
  2. Once you discover you are involved with this type of person, you should head for the exit. Unfortunately, because of certain external factors…it may not be feasible to split the scene. You are currently trapped. If this person is physically abusing you…get out whether it’s feasible or not. I would think that your life reigns as your highest value. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice that.
  3. Perhaps you’re a masochist and receive some perverse pleasure from the relationship. I won’t tell you to leave. However you need to weigh the long-term consequences of your lifestyle…and possibly receive professional help should you decide masochism isn’t in your best interest. If pain is one of your highest values, you’re living with a messed up value system.
  4. This one is tricky. For reason of love or money you may decide to learn how to handle this person. Maybe you think you’re already a master at getting along with an Emotional Terrorist. That’s hard to believe. Of course if you enjoy playing with fire—.

Embracing personal liberty and freedom means you seek a pleasurable, rewarding lifestyle…not pain and suffering. A relationship with an Emotional Terrorist leads to nothing but hardship and misery. Find a marvelous value for value relationship and enjoy your life. An individual who embraces enlightened self-interest acts with purpose.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

P.S. By the way, feel free to post your insights or experiences concerning the  Emotional Terrorist.

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