Objectivism – Formula for Success?

As you probably know…Ayn Rand’s Objectivism has its ardent supporters and critics who hate her philosophical system. These two groups will never see eye to eye. Let’s get beyond the conflict and ask an important question. Is it possible Objectivism soars as a formula for success? Let’s find out.

Rational Selfishness

Here’s a definition of selfishness critics attach to Objectivism.

Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.”

Now we need to look at its supporters definition.

Rational Selfishness is the principle that an action is rational if and only if it maximizes one’s self-interest.”

Do you spot the problem? It’s the three words…regardless of others.

A true Objectivist believes in trading value for value. “A trader is a man who earns what he gets and does not give or take the undeserved. He does not treat men as masters or slaves, but as independent equals. He deals with men by means of a free, voluntary, unforced, uncoerced exchange—an exchange which benefits both parties by their own independent judgment. A trader does not expect to be paid for his defaults, only for his achievements. He does not switch to others the burden of his failures, and he does not mortgage his life into bondage to the failures of others.”

As you can see the critics of Objectivism completely miss the mark. Saying an Objectivist shows no regard for others is an illusion…a falsehood. A rational individual knows he prospers by satisfy people’s most urgent desires. Progressives hate Ayn Rand’s philosophy. What’s strange is…they support social and economic policies that encourage men and women to live off the productive labor of others. We just discovered who does what they please “regardless of others.”

Obviously, you succeed by satisfying the consumers’ most urgent desires. And who are these consumers? Men and women attempting to improve their situation.

Objectivism encourages you to be become the best you can be. You do this by developing value for value relationships. You improve your social skills…and you continue getting better and better. Imagine how rewarding it is to succeed in your endeavors.

We can conclude the critics of Rational Selfishness don’t know what they’re talking about…or as Soldiers of the Elite their motivation is to keep you stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality. You Master the Social Maze by seeing through illusion.

The Rationally Selfish Individual Discovers Enlightened Self-Interest
                          The Rationally Selfish Individual Discovers Enlightened Self-Interest

Laissez Faire Capitalism

Progressives express a deep hatred for capitalism. Objectivists support Laissez Faire Capitalism. As you will discover…critics certainly don’t refer to the capitalism Objectivism endorses.

The anti-capitalistic mentality makes the following false claims.

  • Recessions and depressions are the natural outcome of capitalism.
  • The rich get richer…the poor get power.
  • Greedy businessmen take advantage of consumers.
  • Capitalism spawns monopolies.
  • Capitalism exploits the masses.
  • People buy stuff they don’t need by going into debt.
  • Without minimum wage, overtime and child labor laws…people including children would slave away at least 56 hours 7 days per week.
  • And more nonsense too stupid too mention.

The above claims are nothing but hogwash…one lie after another. None of that is Laissez Faire Capitalism. They’re the result of government interventionism, central banking, socialism, cronyism and self-defeating social programs. And you wonder why hapless men and women are enslaved in the Hive Mind Mentality. In addition…you can see why critics attempt to confuse people on the real nature of capitalism.

Ayn Rand states “Laissez-faire capitalism is the only social system based on the recognition of individual rights and, therefore, the only system that bans force from social relationships. By the nature of its basic principles and interests, it is the only system fundamentally opposed to war.” We just discovered why war-mongering neo-conservatives pay only lip service to capitalism.

Ludwig von Mises says “Every step which leads from capitalism toward planning is necessarily a step nearer to absolutism and dictatorship.”

Apparently, the Elite and its Progressive Soldiers seek to enslave you with a New World Money – One World Government.

A person seeking outstanding success completely supports Laissez Faire Capitalism…the free enterprise system. He (she) knows this is a social system that brings out the best he can be. Also, he understands the progressive’s anti-capitalistic social schemes hinder his progress…and make it harder for him to achieve his goals and desires.

Once again…Objectivism carries the day as a formula for success.

If Only More People Understood the Marvels of Laissez Faire Capitalism
                         If Only More People Understood the Marvels of Laissez Faire Capitalism

Objectivist Ethics

Let’s look at Ayn Rand’s clear definition of ethics. “Ethics is a code of values to guide man’s choices and actions, the choices and actions that determine the purpose and the course of his life. Value is that which one acts to gain and/or keep.”

Amazing! In one sentence she delights our ambitions with the powerful words values, choices, actions and purpose…exactly what the individual needs to capture success.

Do you wonder why Progressives hate Objectivism…preferring you remain stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality? The four virtues just mentioned…means an honest man and woman doesn’t need or desire the State’s welfare schemes or transfer the wealth swindles. He or she disdains the poison that eats away at self-reliance. The productive person decides to Master the Social Maze.

Since Rand believes in trading value for value, you can see just how honest and sublime her definition is. It might suddenly occur to you that maybe the Objectivist philosophy has some validity after all. It’s a formula for success.

You might ask why someone needs a code of values. First, let me explain that an individual’s code of values must conform to reality…in tune with his best interests. Without this criteria his or her values are meaningless and (or) destructive to self and others.

How does a man or woman of integrity live? He or she lives by his or her values and beliefs without compromise. Ask yourself these questions. Do your values and beliefs correspond to reality? Do you live by your values and beliefs without compromise? The Rationally Selfish Individual lives by his code of values without compromise. Rational Selfishness is Enlightened Self-Interest.

The Individualist Achieves His Goals and Desires
                                               The Individualist Achieves His Goals and Desires


Progressives expect you to act for the “good of society.” Let’s clear up this irresponsible nonsense now.

One of the Progressives’ favorite slogans is “This is for the good of society.” Have you ever asked yourself who this society character is? We hear about him, but we’ve never met him. Could society possibly be a woman? It sounds like a woman’s name. All kidding aside, I’m sure you get the point. There is no such thing as “society”. The term is a concept describing the combination of all individuals.

Here’s how the Progressive uses the term to violate your personal liberty and economic freedom. Certainly, he can’t be referring to all individuals. He advocates measures that keep some from enjoying freedom of choice. What he really crusades against is some of his fellow citizen’s choices…and he viciously violates their individual rights.

Do you want to have some fun? Challenge a Progressive or any other enemy of the individual with one request; ask “society” over for dinner. If he or she shows up, you will admit defeat.

Can you imagine this society character creating a formula for success? It’s absurd. Only individuals such as you and I act. Progressives use the “good of society” term as a politically correct weapon…to force you to succumb to their evil agenda of socialism and self-sacrifice. Instead of acting like a rational individual…you’re a selfless nothing. 

Ayn Rand firmly states “An individualist is a man (woman) who recognizes the inalienable individual rights of man—his own and those of others. He is a man who says: “I will not run anyone’s life—nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone—nor sacrifice anyone to myself.”

Individualism means you take responsibility for your life. You take charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You live with definite purpose…always moving towards your goals and desires.

We can conclude…Objectivism soars as a formula for success.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Ayn Rand Unleashed – A Critique

An Objectivist who goes by John Jr. believes a strict view of the teachings of Ayn Rand…remains necessary to fully understand Objectivist Ethics. Because of this…he took issue with my analysis of Objectivism. Here he is unleashed. I did some formatting for easier reading and SEO purposes. For the original format click here.

The Critique

Concerning your blog posts on Objectivist Ethics: Note: I’ve also written articles on other blogs using the first name Robert.

Hi, Robert, I’ll get right to the point: First, while you seem to have a decent grasp of economics and politics (government) from an Objectivist perspective, you also appear to have some very odd notions about the more fundamental, foundational and logically prior aspects of Objectivism. I’ll begin with two quotes:

“In any hour or issue of his life, Man is free to think or to evade that effort.” [Ayn Rand. “The Virtue of Selfishness,” 20.]


“The alternative to reason is some form of mysticism or skepticism.” [Leonard Peikoff. “The Ominous Parallels,” 305.]

Ayn Rand Influenced Leonard Peikoff
                                                            Ayn Rand Influenced Leonard Peikoff

Objectivism’s Chain of Reasoning

I gather from your blog that you may not be aware that Objectivism’s politics and economics are not primaries, but consequences of a long chain of reasoning, reason being the “objective” focus of Rand’s philosophy, which philosophy is an integrated whole…a “ladder” of reasoning on which each higher rung is dependent, objectively, upon the truth-value of all of the rungs below it. If one rung is flawed, broken or missing, all the rungs above it are almost certainly flawed also (the one rare exception being that, even a conclusion based upon flawed premises and faulty reasoning can…purely accidentally…turn out to be true) and one’s progress is necessarily stopped at that point on the ladder until the error has been corrected.

As a comprehensive, integrated, hierarchical philosophical system, Objectivism does not permit one (logically) to mentally leap over or ignore a rung that one disagrees with without being able to rationally refute it (and “show one’s work,” i.e., one’s evidence and reasoning), not, at least, with intellectual impunity. One either accepts every link in a valid chain of reasoning or one is logically obligated to demonstrate…rationally…that an error in reasoning (facts and/or logic) has occurred at that point, which, when proven, would invalidate all of the reasoning in the chain beyond (or above, in the case of the ladder analogy) that point. That is how a fully rational, OBJECTIVE epistemology must proceed. One may not arbitrarily skip a rung on the ladder of reason…no matter how many years one has “meditated” upon it (meditation being the emptying of the mind of concepts and, therefore, of reason).

Primacy of Reason

You see, Robert, Ayn Rand did NOT begin with political and economic liberty (i.e., capitalism) and then proceed to create a philosophy which supported that notion. Rather, she began with the primacy of existence, and with reason as Man’s only means of gaining reliable and accurate knowledge about the world. Rand began with the axioms “existence exists” (the primacy of existence) plus, “I am aware of it” (the axiom of consciousness), and with reason (and its tool, logic) as man’s only means of knowledge. Said Rand herself:

“I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism, and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows.” [“the Objectivist,” September, 1971; 1.]

With that background, I can now address the few issues I have with your article. I will take them one at a time for clarity. First up: The end of your 3rd paragraph in part one (Selfishness Unleashed – restated in Objectivist Ethics – Reality or Illusion ), wherein you speak about, “irrationally selfish behavior.” Without going into too many details of my argument against that notion though (for, depending upon your response, it may not be necessary) I will simply state my conclusion and await your reply.

Critique of Irrational Selfishness

It is my contention that there is no such thing as “irrational selfishness” and that your use of that phrase may bely a fundamental misunderstanding on your part of what Rand meant by rational self-interest or rational selfishness.

For Ayn Rand, what is truly in one’s self-interest (i.e., what is really selfish) is always rational, and…more importantly…never irrational. Genuinely selfish behavior is that behavior which is really, OBJECTIVELY, good for an individual. That is, that which enhances his or her rational goals and genuinely contributes to earned/deserved self-esteem and happiness.

Defining and discovering what those sorts of things are is the province of a rational, objective, morality and ethics, not the irrational whims or wishes of a given individual. Ayn Rand gives her readers the “dictionary definition” of selfishness as: “concern with one’s own interests.” says Rand:

“This concept [(“concern with one’s own interests”)] does not include a moral evaluation; it does not tell us whether concern with one’s own interests is good or evil, nor does it tell us what constitutes Man’s actual interests. It is the task of ethics to answer that question.” [“The Virtue of Selfishness,” vii.]

Objectivist Ethics

It is important to note here that Ayn Rand’s ethics are OBJECTIVE, i.e., they are derived logically from the correct application of reason to experience exclusively, and are not gleaned by any other method…including “intuition.” (This will come up later, if and when we get to it.) In other words, for Rand and Objectivists, an action is truly “selfish” only if it is genuinely, OBJECTIVELY good for the actor, i.e., only if it is rational. The notion of an “irrationally selfish” act is a contradiction to which Rand always and strenuously objected… rationally so. An action that is not genuinely, OBJECTIVELY good for an individual is not rational and cannot, therefore, be “selfish,” in any sense that Rand and Objectivists define and use that term.

That will do it for now, Robert. I look forward to your reply. Regards, “John Jr.”

Ayn Rand and Objectivist Ethics visit: http://slideplayer.com/slide/9216619/
Ayn Rand and Objectivist Ethics visit: http://slideplayer.com/slide/9216619/

RA Meyer Responds

First, I must state that although Objectivism is my favorite philosophical system, I’m not a pure Objectivist. I disagree with her some of her assertions about art, music and literature. I endorse Mises’ theory of subjective value.

I understand the part about integrating concepts and concept building. Before I discovered Objectivism, I was highly influenced by Mises’ system of Praxeology. In economics, I reason from a priori concepts. Of course, I also believe in Rand’s demonstration of axiomatic concepts.

My system integrates Objectivism and Praxeology (Human Action) which invited some criticism from hardcore Objectivists and Praxeologists. I realize that Ayn Rand had some problems with Ludwig von Mises view of epistemology . However, I have to agree with “reason being the “objective” of Rand’s philosophy.

Although Rand supports capitalism from an objective point of view, I believe the efficacy of capitalism is proved with praxeological principals…especially the category of causality.

Wisdom of Ludwig von Mises
                                                                Wisdom of Ludwig von Mises

Benefits and Traps of Meditation

I disagree with the 2nd part of the following statement. “One may not arbitrarily skip a rung on the ladder of reason — no matter how many years one has “meditated” upon it (meditation being the emptying of the mind of concepts and, therefore, of reason).”

Unless you’re a hopeless mystic…meditation means emptying the mind of illusions, not purging it of reason and awareness. Of course, some men and women exist in airy-fairy land…which doesn’t help them increase awareness…and reason more effectively.

You probably realize…some mystics use meditation for anti-life purposes, such as practicing social altruism. A social system run on the illusions of altruists…quickly descends into the abyss of government interventionism and eventually socialism.

I can also state that meditation enhances my sensitivity to music, art and nature…and other pleasures.

Rational and Irrational Selfishness

I felt I had to distinguish between acting in what is truly in one’s self-interest and what isn’t. So, I created the opposite term irrational selfishness. Now here’s where I parted with Mises. He claimed all purposeful behavior is rational, even when it clearly doesn’t accomplish the desired end. He even defined self-defeating behavior as rational. Since, I am well versed in psychology, studied Freud, Jung and Maslow, I sometimes think from means and ends in personal relationships. Still, I agree with Rand’s definition of rational selfishness. I can see where there might be a problem using the term selfishness with irrational. You might consider that distinguishing between rational selfishness and irrational selfishness could clarify things for many readers.

John Jr. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. If you have any more insights we look forward to hearing from you. You are a true Objectivist…and we are happy to see you unleash the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Objectivist Ethics – Reality or Illusion

Ayn Rand opened up her thought provoking book The Virtue of Selfishness, a primer on Objectivist ethics, with a question people sometimes asked her. Why do you use the word selfishness to denote virtuous qualities of character, when the word antagonizes so many people to whom it does not mean the things you mean?

She said for the reason that makes you afraid of it, which is obviously a bold statement. Of course, we need to understand that she was referring to rational selfishness, not the irrationality people normally associate with selfishness.

I’m sure you realize…the Everyday, Impeccable Warrior prefers peace and harmony over antagonism and conflict. However, he understands where she’s coming from. Although he used the term rational selfishness in some of his writings…he now leans towards the use of Enlightened Self-Interest to convey his philosophy of life. He knows the two are interchangeable. Since the article refers to Objectivism…we will use Ayn Rand’s wording.

Let’s discover if the Objectivist ethics are reality or illusion.

What is Rational Selfishness?

We define selfishness as a concern with one’s own interests. Now a person might act in ways that allow him to effectively achieve his goals and desires…or he may act in self-defeating ways that completely sabotage his efforts. Using the power of your mind to accomplish your aspirations is rational selfishness. Indulging in mind numbing activities such as drug abuse, drunkenness, excessive TV viewing, overeating, laziness etc. amounts to irrationally selfish behavior.

Note: Some Objectivists criticize me for referring to irrational selfishness. I will go over the objection in Friday’s article.

One moral principle Rand firmly believed in is…the sanctity of an individual’s life, liberty and property. She uncompromisingly supported the social system of unhampered capitalism. Obviously, Rand’s selfishness disdains stomping on individual rights.

Objectivist Ethics Support Unhampered Capitalism
                                          Objectivist Ethics Support Unhampered Capitalism

Here’s a question for you. Do you you support minority rights? If you do…you must realize the smallest minority on earth is the individual.

An aspect of Rand’s Objectivist philosophy people completely misunderstand is her antipathy towards altruism. In light of the fact… she believed individuals should deal with each other by trading value for value, it’s easy to understand why she felt that way.

Altruists would have you believe social altruism reigns as a giving, loving philosophy…when in fact it manifests as an anti-life philosophy of self-sacrifice. Of course, helping someone on an individual level can be pleasurable and rewarding. However, once do-gooders, world-improvers and social altruists institutionalize altruism…you end up with the monstrosity of big government interventionism.

Can you see the life being sucked out of the productive members of society? Our economic system slowly but surely sinks in the abyss of establishment selfishness. That’s exactly what the Elite and its Soldiers desire.

You may wonder what their purpose is. Well, these parasites seek a New World Money and a One World Government.

The Fatal Flaw of Objectivist Ethics?

Many people associate ethics with spiritual or religious beliefs. Ayn Rand didn’t approve of religions; in fact, she was a professed atheist…which caused some inner conflict for the spiritual person who otherwise found the Objectivist philosophy attractive.

Critics claim Objectivism manifests as a religion, pointing out the cult following she achieved. Unfortunately, some of most her ardent followers reached an almost religious devotion towards her.

Let’s put Objectivism and spiritual beliefs into perspective. You can accept most of Rand’s political, economic and philosophical beliefs and still practice a spiritual discipline. Acting as if she possessed godly powers…thinking you have to either accept Objectivism 100% or reject it is unrealistic. Anyway, Quantum Physics seems to be revealing truths that mystics have seen in their prayers and meditations for centuries. Even though, I endorse Objectivism…I also meditate and strive to find the peace that comes from the Zen State of Mind. The Everyday Warrior doesn’t allow himself to become a slave to any philosophical system…no matter how beneficial it is.

Here two closest associates were Nathaniel and Barbara Branden. Nathaniel’s book “My Years with Ayn Rand” and Barbara’s book “The Passion of Ayn Rand” highlight the highs and lows of the Objectivist movement.

The Wonders of Atlas Shrugged

When Atlas Shrugged was published in 1957, the establishment ridiculed Ayn Rand’s masterpiece as cartoonish and unrealistic. You know, clear-cut heroes and villains. How rude of her to distinguish the difference between good and evil.

You do know…we live in a morally hazy environment of government interventionism where anything goes. Atlas Shrugged scared “the you know what” out of the Soldiers of the Elite. That’s why their attitude is understandable.

Enemies of life, liberty and property rights certainly prefer that nothing should be pure, clear-cut or honest. I guess these parasites don’t believe they indulge in selfishness. After all, aren’t social altruists loving, giving people. Yeah, but only if they can confiscate the love and giving from someone else.

The Wisdom of John Galt
                                                                          The Wisdom of John Galt

The weakness of Atlas Shrugged seems to be its indifference to middle class people of average skills and abilities. In his masterpiece Human Action, the great economist Ludwig von Mises conclusively demonstrated…value is subjective. It’s not our place to tell someone what he should or should not like. Still, Rand’s glorification of the best men and women can be remains unsurpassed. The productive individual gains and keeps values.

Anyway, here it is 59 years later …and Ayn Rand looks like a prophet and Atlas Shrugged her prophecy. I’m sure this undeniable fact drives her critics up a wall. Certainly, they attempt to remain in denial as witnessed by their absurd economics policies…policies that destroy the delicate fabric of Western Civilization. That’s what you call living in a world of illusion.

Defining Your Terms the Objectivist Way

Rand believed in defining her terms…something members of the political and financial establishment find distasteful. It’s obvious these purveyors of human misery define morality or ethics as anything they decide it is. Massive bailouts that benefited the Elite designers of economic mayhem are a perfect example of the unspoken definition. It appears her critics find no fault in that type of selfishness. Of course, what can you expect from professional hypocrites and Soldiers of the Elite.

Are you ready for some clarity? Here’s Rand’s clear definition of ethics. “Ethics is a code of values to guide man’s choices and actions, the choices and actions that determine the purpose and the course of his life. Value is that which one acts to gain and/or keep.” Since Rand believes in trading value for value…you can see just how honest and sublime her definition is. It might suddenly occur to you that maybe the Objectivist philosophy has some validity after all…because it corresponds to reality.

The Reality of Objectivist Ethics
                                                             The Reality of Objectivist Ethics

Your Code of Values

You might ask why someone needs a code of values. First, let me explain that an individual’s code of values must conform to reality…and be in tune with his best interests. Without this criteria his or her values are meaningless and (or) destructive to self and others.

How does a man or woman of integrity live? He or she lives by his or her values and beliefs without compromise. Ask yourself these questions. Do your values and beliefs correspond to reality? Do you live by your values and beliefs without compromise? The rationally selfish individual lives by his code of values without compromise…which helps him Master the Social Maze.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Human Action and Objectivism – Weapons of the Warrior

The science of Human Action soars as a deductive system that starts its reasoning with the actions of individuals. Objectivism stands tall as the philosophy of rational self-interest. It presents us with a solid, integrated system for living. Although there exists some differences in the epistemology (the theory and origins of knowledge) of Human Action (Praxeology) and Objectivism..these marvelous tools of knowledge are closely inter-related. Both realize…all thought begins with the lone individual. The Everyday Warrior knows…the two disciplines supply him potent weapons for Mastering the Social Maze.

He considers Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand as the “Dad and Mom” of enlightened self-interest. Mises’ magnum opus “Human Action” reigns as the masterpiece of praxeological reasoning. Ayn Rand’s great philosophical masterpiece “Atlas Shrugged” soars as the Objectivist Bible. Although, I’m not sure if she would react favorably upon hearing…I connected the term “Bible” to her integrated system of logic and reason.

Value Judgments, Natural Law and Ethics

Mises believed scientists should approach their subject free of value judgments. His idea was…once someone pollutes a scientific investigation with his subjective values…he no longer acts as a pure scientist. I believe his analysis has merit. However, Mises own student Murray Rothbard criticizes this approach. He believes the Classical economist should defend the social system of unhampered capitalism using both praxeological insights and Natural Law.

The great Mises circled around this dilemma by claiming he could utilize his subjective opinions as a citizen…and along with his praxeological insights support unhampered (laissez faire) capitalism.

In addition, Mises saw a problem basing any defense of the individual on Natural Law. He believed socialists and interventionists could twist Natural Law theory to support their own spurious social theories. He has a point. Still, the Everyday Warrior believes he discovered a system of ethics that solves the problem…the rational philosophical system of Objectivism.

A Warrior who possesses the weapons of Human Action and Objectivism holds an unbeatable arsenal of logic and reason.

Discovering Individual Rights and Capitalism

Human Action proves beyond a reasonable doubt…unhampered capitalism ascends as the only social system that benefits the vast majority of individuals. You must remember that all human action is economic because…you choose what course of action you will take or will not take. Denial of economics amounts to denial of self-determination.

Objectivism supplies capitalism with its moral foundation…with its spirited defense of individual rights. Objectivism is 100% correct in its advocacy of unhampered (laissez faire) capitalism and individual rights.

Our current political system stinks of corruption…and its adoption of the anti-life philosophy of social altruism. Soldiers of the Elite sell a bogus bill of goods to our citizens. The Soldiers come in the form of Mainstream Press journalists, establishment politicians, social altruists, Keynesian economists and Wall Street cronies.

Let’s face the harsh reality…years of Federal Reserve monetary scams…and government interventionism dealt our economy severe blows. Even if it appears somewhat healthy…it’s now propped up with artificial life support. The threat of raising the interest rate 1% is enough to slide the economy into terminal illness and possible death.

Destruction of the Economy and the Middle Class
                                            Destruction of the Economy and the Middle Class

Recognizing Objective Reality

Objectivism places its foundation on three axiomatic concepts: Existence, Identity, Consciousness. Human Action starts with a priori categories such as…causality, time, uncertainty, change, logic and value. The above are analyzed in Chapter 7 of the book 7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered. We can state “These are real and fundamental…although some “intellectuals” and mystics attempt to deny them.”

Just try to visualize non-existence, non-identity and non-consciousness. You will discover…it’s impossible. Here’s something for you to meditate on. Nothing is something…or turn it around…something is nothing. You don’t want to miss that experience.

Unlike some Objectivists…the Everyday Warrior believes a person can indulge in a spiritual practice and remain quite logical. Let’s say for instance…you believe in some of what Eastern Philosophy teaches. While the Warrior embraces certain aspects of the teachings…he would never deny axiomatic concepts. He practices the discipline to tap his intuitive powers.

Even though it’s not obvious, everything in the universe interconnects. The Everyday Warrior meditates to strengthen the connection between hemispheres of the brain. He accomplishes his goal by building more neural pathways…which gives him a distinct advantage in his quest to Master the Social Maze.

Objectivism takes advantage of the reasoning side of the brain. Spiritual insights result from exploring the intuitive side of the brain. A marriage between the hemispheres integrates the mind…unleashing all its powers. Still, you must realize…reason reigns supreme. You don’t want to sink in the quicksand of illusion.

The Power of Reason

Objectivism states…reason is the only means for man to gain knowledge. Now we can’t deny that without reason men and women would be no better off than savages. You probably realize we would suffer a prehistoric existence. Man’s power of reason created our marvelous civilization…freeing people from the primitive forces of their environment. I hope you realize…to deny the power of reason is to condemn men and women to a less than human existence.

Conquer the False Moral Code of the Elite and its Soldiers
                                        Conquer the False Moral Code of the Elite and its Soldiers

The Everyday Warrior understands an individual can obtain knowledge by using his intuitive powers. Of course, intuitive insights must never contradict reason and the laws of Human Action.

Capturing Rational (Enlightened) Self-Interest

Objectivism advocates…an individual should always act in rational self-interest. The philosophy of rational selfishness (enlightened self-interest) corresponds to the nature of man.

It is quite obvious why…the anti-life philosophy of social altruism failed miserably in practice. Here’s three major reasons it fell flat on its face.

Social altruism

  1. Advocates selflessness and self-sacrifice.
  2. Denies the sanctity of the individual.
  3. Is antagonistic to rational (enlightened) self-interest.

Social altruism poisons and slowly destroys any society that attempts to practice it…just as it is annihilating the American Way of Life. It sinks into an abyss as the philosophy of anti-life…the way of the savage.


The science of Human Action (Praxeology) sets forth irrefutable economic principles. Objectivism imparts an ethical system based on Natural Law. As you can see the combination of Human Action and Objectivism concocts a potent mixture of logic and reason that supplies the Everyday Warrior with…a perfect defense against the Elite and its Soldiers. It allows him or her to effectively defend the social system of unhampered (laissez faire) capitalism…the only social system that defends an individual’s right to life, liberty, ownership of property and the pursuit of happiness.

The Everyday, Impeccable Warrior captures the Dynamic Weapons…building a psychological arsenal of attack and self-defense.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze