Objectivism – Formula for Success?

As you probably know…Ayn Rand’s Objectivism has its ardent supporters and critics who hate her philosophical system. These two groups will never see eye to eye. Let’s get beyond the conflict and ask an important question. Is it possible Objectivism soars as a formula for success? Let’s find out.

Rational Selfishness

Here’s a definition of selfishness critics attach to Objectivism.

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Economic Policy of Donald Trump

As you read every word of this report you will become stunned at what I reveal. It’s time for us to perform an analysis of the Economic Policy of Donald Trump.

Trump, Government and Business

Trump possesses a vision of building a magnificent new infrastructure…a one trillion dollar dream. Now that’s the way we expect an entrepreneur to think. Unfortunately, for him there are cause and effect relationships to consider. He’s not running a corporation or private business. The investors in his grandiose scheme happen to exist as taxpayers. These hapless men and women will pay the bill by way of a massive inflationary environment. That’s not exactly the kind of economic policy people will embrace.

You can expect Wall Street and the political establishment to love it…at least at first. Stocks could soar and politicians will profit from their boondoggles. Eventually the piper demands payment. The artificial boom descends into a bust.

It’s an illusion to believe he can run the government on business principles. Trump doesn’t realize free enterprise business depends on profit and loss statements to determine success and failure…while bureaucracy has only bureaucratic rules and regulations to guide it. Let’s allow Ludwig von Mises to explain it.

Bureaucratic management is management bound to comply with detailed rules and regulations fixed by the authority of a superior body. The task of the bureaucrat is to perform what these rules and regulations order him to do.

Bureaucratic management is the method applied in the conduct of administrative affairs the result of which has no cash value on the market. Remember: we do not say that a successful handling of public affairs has no value, but that it has no price on the market, that its value cannot be realized in a market transaction and consequently cannot be expressed in terms of money.”

It doesn’t appear Trump will succeed with his business mode…because sound economic policy and bureaucracy don’t go together.

A Good Entrepreneur Can't Exist as a Bureaucrat
                                               A Good Entrepreneur Can’t Exist as a Bureaucrat

Still, if he can cut the government down to the size of a midget it will be a job well done. Unfortunately, the Elite and its Soldiers will oppose anyone who tries to stop their reign of plunder and confiscation.

Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump appears ready to tackle the illegal immigration problem. He gained popularity taking a firm stance on the issue. We admit that illegal immigrants receiving government benefits sticks in one’s craw. However, weren’t our ancestors the equivalent of illegals? There’s a gigantic difference between immigrants who add value to our economic system and those who subtract from it. Does the cost of cracking down on illegal immigration exceed the benefits? We need a yes or no answer to that question.

In a “60 Minutes” interview, President-elect Donald Trump said he planned to immediately deport 2 million to 3 million undocumented immigrants who “have criminal records” after his inauguration next January.

What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably 2 million, it could be even 3 million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,” Trump told “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl, according to a preview of the interview released by CBS. “But we’re getting them out of our country. They’re here illegally.”

Is Closing the Borders Reality or Illusion?
                                                   Is Closing the Borders Reality or Illusion?

Obviously, no one wants to have vicious criminals terrorizing innocent people and committing property crimes. We must ask “How much will it cost to secure the border? Is it feasible? The taxpayers must realize…they will foot the bill, which could cost up to $500 Billion. Ouch! Economic policy must weigh the cost versus the benefits. As mentioned…that’s almost impossible to do.

Eliminating NAFTA

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement among the United States, Canada and Mexico designed to remove tariff barriers between the three countries.

You might wonder if NAFTA is good or bad economic policy.

According to Economic Collapse News “Trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP do nothing to advance free trade. They’re just government-managed free trade agreements that benefit certain groups and states through backroom globalist deals. As Laurence Vance says “Free trade is only threatened by government intervention.”

We should have figured that members of the Elite and their Soldiers would come up with bogus trade schemes. Think about it. Do you sign a trade agreement when you go shopping or out to eat?

Trump wants to place American Workers first. Apparently he forgot the marketplace is international. Tariffs and trade wars lead to fewer sales, decreased profits, unemployment and economic decline.

The old saying attributed to 19thcentury French economist Frederic Bastiat “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will” explains the reality of trade restrictions.

Military Spending, Tax Cuts and Estate Planning

You would think by now…people would like to eliminate war-mongering. Unfortunately too many men and women live with mind-sets of prejudice and intolerance. Their negative emotions cause them to strike out at others. It doesn’t seem like war will ever end. The politically correct crap guarantees violence will increase.

Trump wants to increase military spending. That ‘ll cost the good citizens another $1 or $2 trillion.

What can you do? Enya sang the song “Once You Had Gold.”

Once you had gold,enya81052-bt
Once you had silver,
Then came the rains
Out of the blue.
Ever and always.”
Always and ever.
Time gave both darkness and dreams to you.

I hope you get the point. You’re going to have to take care of your own economic policy.

Trump wants to reduce the tax brackets from seven to three. How this will work nobody knows. Who will benefit the most? Congress could cut tax rates as early as next year.

Here’s an idea for you. Let’s eliminate all taxes…so the government can go out of business. Well, we can dream, can’t we.


Seize your power from the Elite and its Soldiers. They stole it from you. Take it back. In Chapter 2 of the book “8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions” it is stated “When there’s extended economic hardship and market downturn you must be very careful to scrutinize and discriminate between truth and falsehood. You gain an expanded awareness when you see through the social and monetary illusions presented by the Federal Government, the Federal Reserve System, zombie corporations and people who support corrupt institutions. You must deal with your illusions sooner rather than later; otherwise they turn into epic delusions that collapse and crush you, demolishing your world view in the process.”

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

P.S. We’re off for the Thanksgiving weekend. See you next Monday November 28. We wish you a happy and harmonious holiday.

Laissez Faire Capitalism – The Conspiracy

Let’s define Laissez Faire Capitalism. According to WikipediaLaissezfaire (/ˌlɛseɪˈfɛr-/, French: [lɛsefɛʁ] ) is an economic system in which transactions between private parties are free from government interference such as regulations, privileges, tariffs, and subsidies.”

The Importance of Philosophy states “Laissez Faire Capitalism. “Laissez Faire” is French for “leave alone” which means that the government leaves the people alone regarding all economic activities. It is the separation of economy and state.”

We can also refer to this economic system as unhampered capitalism.

Unfortunately, Laissez Faire Capitalism takes the rap for the nefarious activities of the Elite and its Soldiers. That’s exactly the way these swindlers want it. Sadly, ivory tower intellectuals and members of the Hive Mind Mentality soak up their anti-capitalistic BS. They’ve even convinced people that anti-capitalism is real capitalism. George Orwell’s great book 1984 warned us about doublespeak.

The Conspiracy

The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand…special interests, would-be dictators and governments have always interfered with the smooth workings of the free market for their benefit. Government interventionism and socialist schemes prevent the economic/social system of Laissez Faire Capitalism from blossoming.

We can trace the destruction of our modern economic system back to the year 1913. That is when it received a double whammy. The Elite and its Soldiers foisted the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Income Tax on the American citizens. The screwing of the productive citizen proceeded as planned.

It’s time to hit you with a sordid story of power and greed. I introduce to you, the history behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System, a tale that should convince you…members of the Elite were responsible for the birth of this monstrosity. Cronyism was about to run amok. You must realize Crony Capitalism is not Laissez Faire Capitalism. It’s anti-capitalism.

Purpose of the Federal Reserve System
                                                        Purpose of the Federal Reserve System

Drift back in time to November 1910 and experience the scattering of the devil’s seeds that grew into deadly weeds…strangling Laissez Faire Capitalism.

In November of 1910, some of these vultures came together at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club on Jekyll Island, Georgia. What were they hunting? The biggest prize of all, the absolute and complete control of all the money in America which means control of all America and with it the power to make slaves of all the people.

Those who attended were: Senator Nelson Aldrich (Nelson Rockefeller’s maternal grandfather); A. Piatt Andrew, Economist and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City Bank of New York; Henry P. Norton, President of Morgan’s First National Bank of New York; Paul Moritz Warburg, a German who was partner in the New York banking house of Kuhn, Loeb Co.; Benjamin Strong, an aid to J. P. Morgan.

Paul Warburg was credited as the architect of the bill which was passed by Congress.” Members of the Elite began their conspiracy against innocent citizens.

The Elite’s Larcenous Dream Comes True

Did you know that on May 20, 1895 the Supreme Court declared a Federal Income Tax unconstitutional? Of course, members of the Elite never gave up their efforts to plunder you and I. In February of 1913 the Federal Income Tax was ratified. It levied a 1% tax on all incomes over $3000—and a progressive surtax on all incomes over $20,000. Interventionists, do-gooders and altruists praised it. In fact, along with the Federal Reserve System, it was the first step toward a complete confiscation of private property…a liberty violator’s dreams come true.

The Mafia Couldn't Confiscate as Much Wealth as the Government
                               The Mafia Couldn’t Confiscate as Much Wealth as the Government

The Federal Reserve System encouraged government spending to soar to the stratosphere. It also allowed them to create artificial booms—the artificial booms that always result in busts. It “accomplishes” this by increasing the money supply through the means of artificially lowering the rate of interest. Members of the Elite receive the fiat money first…guaranteeing these purveyors of human misery make enormous profits. The rest of us are left holding an empty money sack. The less astute among us start blaming Laissez Faire Capitalism for our misfortunes…when in fact it’s the anti-capitalism of the Elite robbing us blind.

Our economic and political system stinks of corruption and cronyism. Years of government interventionism and Federal Reserve easy money policies lined the pockets of members of the Elite and their soldiers…at our expense. Now each day our economic system spirals closer and closer to a collapse and possible death.

And how does our economic “doctors” treat the patient? With the arsenic of Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), Quack Quantitative Easing(QQE) and threats of Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP)…that guarantee the patient expires from a combination of dehydration and massive internal bleeding.

Laissez Faire Capitalism

Are you beginning to see…everything Soldiers of the Elite say about capitalism amounts to “The Big Lie.” In order to steal your wealth…they institute social and anti-capitalist economic policies that are contrary to your best interest. Then these liars and propagandists have the nerve to blame capitalism. Incredibly, ivory tower intellectuals and members of the Hive Mind Mentality fell for it.

Let me ask you…Do you really believe anything the Mainstream Press says? Gee…its pollsters and journalists were predicting a Hillary Clinton victory. Talk about lack of credibility. How about absolutely no credibility.

Economic theory based on human action proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Laissez Faire Capitalism is the only social system that benefits the vast majority of individuals. You must remember that all human action is economic because you choose what course of action you will take or will not take. Denial of economics amounts to denial of self-determination.

The important thing to realize…it was capitalism that delivered the masses from the days of old—from poverty and destitution—and filled their horn of plenty with goods and services that were previously unheard of. Unfortunately we have never experienced the marvels of Laissez Faire Capitalism. Governments and special interests have been sabotaging it from the start…with destructive schemes of government interventionism and anti-life systems of socialism.

Do you get it? This is how they rip you off. It’s obvious…government interference with market phenomena isn’t for your benefit. If you think it is…you better wake up and face reality…before it’s too late.

The science of human action (praxeology) proves beyond a reasonable doubt…Laissez Faire Capitalism is the only social system that can supply men and women with the goods and services they require for their existence. All other social systems thwart the effort of the individual to provide for the requirements of his life. Apparently, unwary supporters of the Elite’s schemes of socialism and government interventionism need to retake their mind and life back…and squarely face reality.

If you desire wealth, abundance and prosperity…and long for a world of peace and harmony, you will wholeheartedly support the system of Laissez Faire Capitalism.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Federal Reserve Causes Global Economic Collapse – True or False

As you read every word of this article…you will realize the Federal Reserve System sits in first place as Public Enemy Number One. You do realize the Fed stands for the continued screwing of the honest citizen. In addition, it appears its ill-fated monetary policies is causing a global economic collapse.

When Ron Paul states we need to End the Fed, he clearly understands it creates monetary disasters. Is it any wonder the Elite and its Soldiers made sure he never became President.

Note: All their power couldn’t get Hillary Clinton elected…as Donald Trump pulls a stunning upset.

Plain and simple, paper money allows the Elite and its cronies to live at the expense of productive men and women. Plus, its easy money policies help spawn global interventions that lead to all out war. The Fed confers incredible monetary benefits on these power-mongers. Of course, the rest of us suffer the pain of diminished purchasing power, a possible dollar collapse and global conflict.

For members of the Elite, war is a profitable enterprise. According to Cabal Times, the legendary J. P. Morgan (who is believed to represent the mustachioed Mr. Monopoly in the Monopoly board game) realized the limitations they faced in the Western world.

Speaking of Monopoly, I love vanquishing my opponents by buying up choice property and bankrupting them. Of course, who doesn’t love Boardwalk and Park Place. However, I chisel away at them with the cheapest properties, Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues. Putting hotels on those guarantee you a good income. Nothing like monopolizing a corner.

What the Fed's Fiat Money Really Represents
                                                     What the Fed’s Fiat Money Really Represents



You can see why the Elite and its Soldiers decided to expand outside the Western world…creating societies free of the limitations they faced in the West.

The fact remains…the destruction of nations and their economic systems hamper the profits of banks and major commercial entities. Still, short term gains remain a powerful incentive for those with greedy ambitions.

Without the onerous Federal Reserve System…the US Government would have a difficult time underwriting American military expenditures. Creating global conflict seems to be one of their favorite pastimes. You ever wonder why we seem to be involved in endless military excursions. You must realize that gold backed money could prevent a lot of human misery. War, what is it good for? It’s good for lining the pockets of those who benefit from military conflicts. The rest of us suffer from death, destruction, a diminished standard of living…and the sword of an economic collapse hanging over our heads.

Let’s face it. The greediest members of the political and financial establishment (the Elite and its Soldiers) have repeatedly demonstrated…the American nation is a means to an end. Do you really believe they give a “rat’s ass” about the sustainability of the American economy and the well-being of the middle class. Their attitude is the hell with us innocent citizens.

Anatomy of a Central Bank Swindle

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gold, silver and cryptocurrencies replace fiat currencies as a form of payment, unit of account and a store of value. It’s obvious…governments resort to unbacked money in order to fleece its citizens. With the help of central banks they also engage in currency wars that must eventually end in a global economic collapse.

Home of Treacherous Banksters
                                                              Home of Treacherous Banksters

You probably already know who runs governments and central banks…the Elite and its Soldiers.

Fact: The competitive devaluation of currencies races down the slippery speedway towards a deflationary collapse or a hyper-inflationary blow-off. Does anyone see a crack up boom on the horizon?

When a government through the central bank inflates the money supply it causes artificial booms. All artificial booms divert production from the consumers’ most urgent desires into projects that rank lower on their scale of values. In other words, inflation fosters malinvestments—projects that can’t be sustained. QE and ZIRP resulted in the newly created money going to maybe 100,000 people…who “live rather nicely” off today’s $100 trillion casino.

In the end there’s some justice…as the boom suddenly transforms into a bust (the crack up boom). Sadly the injustice occurs…when the rest of us suffer from a global economic collapse.

A few timely questions with simple answers will reveal the anatomy of a central bank swindle. Let’s use the onerous Federal Reserve System as an example.

Who controls our money? The Federal Reserve System. Who directs the flow of the newly created money? The government and the Federal Reserve System.

Let’s face it…our government and the crooked Federal Reserve System work together to make sure the “right people” receive the inflationary money. I probably don’t have to tell you…members of the Elite and their Soldiers do not consider regular citizens as the “right people.”

Freedom relies on money that is beyond the control of greedy politicians, special interests and banksters. Gold, silver and cryptocurrencies offer lovers of liberty hope for a vibrant personal and financial future. Yes! We can become Everyday Warriors for personal liberty and economic freedom.

The Gold Standard

Here’s a fact for you to digest. The gold standard represents liberty, freedom, prosperity and a sound currency. According to the brilliant economist Ludwig von Mises “It was the medium of exchange by means of which Western industrialism and Western capital had borne Western civilization into the remotest parts of the earth’s surface, everywhere destroying the fetters of age-old prejudices and superstitions, sowing the seeds of new life and new well-being, freeing minds and souls and creating riches unheard of before.”

Now That's Real Money
                                                                   Now That’s Real Money

Incidentally, the establishment’s hatred of gold clouds their ability to think clearly—unless of course they’re devising news ways to swindle you. You’ve probably heard paper money enthusiasts call gold “that barbarous relic.” In fact, after Nixon closed the “Gold Window” on August 15, 1971…some establishment “quacks” predicted the price of gold would collapse to $5 per ounce. I guess they were a little off on their prediction. Of course, their hatred for gold forever clouds any possibility of logical reasoning.

Has it occurred to you…the $5 per ounce claim might have been an attempt to convince us to ignorantly accept the Elite’s paper money schemes. These parasites figure were all stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality. We’re supposed to be too dull to see a global economic collapse on the horizon.

Do you wonder how anyone be stupid enough to believe gold would plummet to $5 per ounce. You know, when it comes to establishment economists, any claim of theirs probably rates as pure stupidity—so it’s possible they fall for their own nonsense. Don’t they realize their spurious monetary policies will cause a global economic collapse. Yeah, I’m with Ron Paul. Let’s End the Fed. In addition, along with free, competitve banking…we need the gold standard to slowdown the Elite’s avaricious ways.

We can only hope we don’t receive an illusionary version of the gold standard…after the Elite and it’s Soldiers create a New World Money and a One World Government.

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Socialism – Diversion Tactic of the Elite

You must face the fact…the Elite has something more sinister to impose on you than pure socialism.

By the time you read this, you will understand…full blown socialism makes the agenda of members of the Elite impossible to achieve. So these parasites plan a bastardized version of it.

You may wonder why ivory tower academics sing the praises of a social system that evades reality. For one…they’re Soldiers of the Elite…serving their purpose of confusing members of the Hive Mind Mentality.

The threat of pure socialism amounts to a diversion tactic of the Elite.

The Illusion of Pure Socialism

People unfamiliar with Economic Law sing the praises of socialism. Numskulls and brainwashed people fall for the nonsense it can… miraculously transform economies and alter human nature. Of course, we know that rewarding unequal work with equal benefits destroys the productivity of labor by encouraging laziness. After all, why work smart and hard when others undeservedly receive the fruits of your labor. Obviously, the idea of living at the expense of others reeks of highly immoral and unethical behavior. The Everyday Warrior lives by his own initiative.

The great economist Ludwig von Mises lucidly explains the impossibility of economic calculation under socialism in his masterpiece “Human Action”. “The paradox of “planning” is that it cannot plan, because of the absence of economic calculation. What is called a planned economy is no economy at all. It is just a system of groping about in the dark. There is no question of a rational choice of means for the best possible attainment of the ultimate ends sought. What is called conscious planning is precisely the elimination of conscious purposive action.”

Just as devastating are F. A. Hayek’s and Thomas Sowell’s insights on the flow of information (knowledge). Hayek states the free market is a discovery process. Sowell shows how the production of a specific form of knowledge helps guide people’s decisions.

Can you see the connection between anti-capitalistic propaganda and the desires of members of the Elite? An unhampered free market guarantees you become more knowledgeable…which allows you to take a more forceful control of your life. An independent thinker can’t be controlled. He or she permanently leaves the Hive Mind Mentality. Heaven forbid…that’s allowed to happen.

Do you now understand the implications Hayek and Sowell set forth about the flow of knowledge? We must enjoy the existence of a free market (unhampered capitalism) to gain full benefits of the valuable knowledge…individuals use to apply to the billions of problems we face each day. Socialism substitutes the decisions of the few (party leaders) for the decisions of millions…making it a closed system. Capitalism, on the other hand, relies on the decisions of all its citizens making it an open system.

The warrior understands socialism is a closed system that stifles individual initiative. He desires an open system of personal liberty and freedom where people can soar to their highest aspirations.

Pure socialism abolishes markets. Members of the Elite want to keep markets somewhat intact…so they can prosper from their manipulations. That’s why they plan something sinister…that involves a totalitarian One-World Government. In addition, you get ripped off by the tyranny of their New Money…the SDR (Special Drawing Rights.)

Easily Conquering the Illusions of Socialism

As I gaze out my window watching a few scattered clouds lazily drift by on this mild, sunny afternoon…I fantasize about how nice it would be to meditate and go with the flow of a peaceful, easy feeling. However, dwelling about the evil plans of the Elite…makes me think a double shot of Extra Smooth Brandy or Jack Daniels will do the job. Ah, there’s some of that Brandy on my desk. Much better.

Now, it’s time to move on.

Here’s a syllogism about socialism attributed to Milton Friedman.

  1. Socialism has been a failure everywhere it has been tried;
  2. Everyone knows this; and
  3. Therefore, we need more socialism.

Honestly, even members of the Elite realize pure socialism is the last thing we need. It doesn’t fit in with their monetary greed.

Pure Socialism is Doomed to Failure
                                                        Pure Socialism is Doomed to Failure

Let’s begin destroying socialism.

Socialism is a social system where the state owns the means of production because it has abolished private property. The hapless individual can only follow the orders of those in charge. The State restricts the actions its citizens…hampering their ability to improve their well-being. Instead of the decisions of millions determining the organization of society, only a few make the decisions.

Can you imagine how stifled a system becomes when only a few people can use the information necessary for successful action? In addition, when the government abolishes economic calculation by seizing the means of production…it eliminates the market’s pricing mechanism. Nobody, including members of the Elite, can function when a source of information vanishes.

Without correct information about prices, wages and interest rates chaos ensues because the compass of successful action has disappeared. There is no gauge of success and failure. The system eventually shuts down and never reorganizes at a higher level.

Isn’t it obvious socialism is a closed system, tending towards chaos and disintegration? Eventually the unfortunate citizens descend into poverty and misery. A few privileged party members attempt to benefit at the expense of the destitute masses. You know, I could supply you with thousands of pages of economic theory explaining why socialism is doomed to failure. However, I think the facts speak for themselves. It actually did collapse because of its inability to adapt to change.

Socialism cannot accomplish the stated goals, because it exists as a closed system that quickly stifles and chokes off individual initiative. The impossibility of economic calculation in a purely socialist system is enough to permanently cripple it. The fact that socialism prevents the free flow of information dooms it to chaos and eventual collapse.

Although the Elite’s economic and monetary policies are doomed to failure…these parasites believe their fascist social system can produce controlled chaos. Yes, they benefit…the rest of us suffer.

Do you get it. Members of the Elite desire One World Fascism…which is a bastardized version of pure socialism. The threat of full-blown socialism is a diversionary tactic.

I’m not sure if the following is tragic or hilarious. Baby Boomer hippies used to call members of the establishment fascist pigs. Now these deluded men and women support social and economic policies…we can call fascism. What a sell-out. Should we laugh, cry or guzzle down another shot of booze? As Everyday Warriors, we take charge of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Holy Man Jam, Boulder, CO  Aug. 1970
Holy Man Jam, Boulder, CO Aug. 1970. Baby Boomer Hippies Cheering Love and Freedom. Now Most Endorse Hate and Fascism…whether they realize it or not.

Pounding Pure Socialism into Bits and Pieces

I think you’ll agree that the following correct definition of socialism explains why it fails miserably to provide people with equality, dignity, prosperity…and all that’s beautiful and sublime.

Let’s make sure we understand…socialism is a system of social organization that calls for public (state) ownership of the means of production. The totalitarian state owns everything and everyone’s life.

This may sound a bit redundant because we’ll go over a few points already mentioned…but let’s enjoy pounding pure socialism into bits and pieces.

Now you begin to realize…under socialism the state owns your life by controlling the means of production. You possess no rights and must follow the orders of those in charge. The totalitarian government interferes with your ability to improve your well-being. Instead of the decisions of millions determining the organization of society…only a few make the decisions.

As mentioned, we can imagine how stifled the system becomes when a socialist dictatorship restricts information necessary for successful action? In addition, when governments eliminate economic calculation…a vital source of information for the growth of a society vanishes. The compass of successful action disappears forever—taking with it the gauge of success and failure.

Sentence by sentence…you begin to see why the members of the Elite use socialism as a diversion tactic. A One World Money couldn’t survive without economic calculation. That’s why these purveyors of misery prefer government interventionism and central banking schemes…which gradually transforms into One World Fascism.

Members of the Elite understand…how crippled a pure socialistic system becomes? Do you see…it closes down—permanently. Contrary to what Karl Marx claimed, it never reorganizes at a higher level.

By now, it should be obvious to you…socialism tends toward chaos and disintegration, reducing innocent people to poverty and deprivation.

Here’s the bottom line.

A few greedy, evil people receive some benefits at the expense of everyone else. However, the benefits of One World Fascism lines the pockets of 0.1% with incredible wealth…at least that’s what they expect.

You’re intelligent enough to know…ivory tower intellectuals and people stuck in the Hive Mind Mentality live in a world of illusion. That’s why these confused men and women endorse or accept socialistic BS. Members of the Elite use deluded people to implement their diversion techniques.

News for the Hive Mind Mentality
                                                      News for the Hive Mind Mentality

One World Fascist Government

According to the American Thinker “Progressivism is a harbinger of fascist collectivism. Omnipotent central government, economic regulation — sometimes known as “crony capitalism” — redistribution of wealth; all these are consistent with fascism.

Fascism is a totalitarian political system, in which an all-powerful central government directs a nation’s economy. Virtually no aspect of society is independent of the state, which is a one-party regime, dominated by an omniscient leader. Although heavily influenced by populistic themes, fascist ideology is at once anti-democratic and collectivist.”

Are you beginning to see the picture? Vanishing right before our weary eyes are the virtues of:

  • Personal Liberty
  • Economic Freedom
  • Limited Government
  • Freedom of Speech – Political correctness sums this up
  • Personal Responsibility and Initiative

Members of the Elite make up a minuscule part of the population. However these power-mongers control more than 99% of the wealth. To make matters worse…members of the Hive Mind Mentality have become dependent on the government for their very existence.

The Elite and its Soldiers have almost accumulated enough power and wealth to make the same statement the Borg conveyed to the crew of the Enterprise. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”

However, we can remain optimistic.

Have you ever wondered why they are so doggedly persistent in their agenda? Why is it, if they hold all the power, do they constantly need to hammer down dissension?

It’s simple… because you, the individual, are far more powerful than most think. They know it… do you?

RA Meyer – Master the Social Maze

Gold and Silver Plunge – Conspiracy or Subjective Value

As mentioned in last Thursday’s Special Edition article, October 6, 2016…gold and silver got whacked. You may wonder whether it was natural market forces due to buyers and sellers subjective values…or a conspiracy of the Elite to beat down the price of precious metals.

Federal Reserve System

Obviously, Federal Reserve Policy influences market phenomena. One of the negative consequences of their “Quack” monetary policies is the transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street. Now, I can almost hear your mind say “Yes! This definitely seems to be a conspiracy to rip us off. Man, those Elites are some evil bastards.” Continue reading “Gold and Silver Plunge – Conspiracy or Subjective Value”

Gold and Silver Stumbles – Special Edition

Gold and silver stumbles. Jim Rickard’s reporting from the Daily Reckoning

Gold had its biggest one-day loss in almost three years…Tuesday 10/4/16. The question is why.

There was no shortage of explanations (as usual). The main theme was that the dollar is getting stronger partly due to sterling weakness on new Brexit fears. The market also took the view that a December rate hike is likely (we agree) and higher rates also add to dollar strength.”

Let’s find out what this is all about. Continue reading “Gold and Silver Stumbles – Special Edition”