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Here are Eight Sources for the Integrated Individual

 Debate of the 21st Century – Individualism or Collectivism


Is it Possible Collectivism isn’t as Powerful as You Think it is?


My name is RA Meyer. I am presenting a series of battles that are transpiring between the reigning champion “Collectivism” and its challenger “Individualism.”

We are well into the year 2017. Despite the fact that Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014…freedom-loving individuals appear to be surrounded on all sides by the enemies of personal liberty and economic freedom. We know these antagonists as soldiers of Collectivism.

Economic decline disguised as an economic recovery, terrorism, international conflict and war spells the news of the day. Governments respond by resorting to the same “poison” that caused the problems in the first place. And what is incredible is that despite some discontentment, the masses cry out for more…just as a drug addict craves more dope. Tragically, that’s the way of the Hive Mind Mentality

Do you remember hearing advocates of the New Age Movement claiming we have entered the Age of Aquarius…a period of spiritual enlightenment and economic prosperity. If this is true…where in the heck is it? An objective view of the situation tells a reasoning individual that we’re slippin’ and a slidin’ down the road to ruin.

If would like to see which one will it be Individualism or Collectivism…

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Is there Any Hope? The Age of Frustration and Despair 

The New Year promises us a new beginning. Eventually the wintry month of January spirals in February offering us more of the same. When you ponder on and visualize scenes of new life born from the dead of winter, you realize spring patiently waits around the corner. Sadly for many, seasons come and go taking with them the hope for better times. A stroll around the block of the four seasons brings many back to where they started…or even worse a scene littered with frustration and despair. Our own thoughts and feelings can be our worst enemy.

In addition, the mainstream media attempts to keep us down in a state of resignation and hopelessness. Unwanted news arrives in the form of mass shootings, reports of terrorism, gun control delusions, Affordable Healthcare illusions, Federal Reserve shenanigans, falling wages etc. etc. ad nauseum. And to make matters worse some of the news hits home…affecting our personal and financial well-being. We realize forces that seem to be beyond our control continually chip away at our personal liberty and economic freedom. Is it any wonder that despair no longer just creeps in, but blindsides us. What are we to do? Living in frustration doesn’t seem particularly rewarding. Is there any hope?

Hope can be your best friend. Click Here to Discover It.

How to Live the Rationally Selfish Life


What if it isn’t what you think it is?

Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, Leonard Peikoff and others brilliantly set forth the fundamentals of Rational Selfishness. Unfortunately Rand and Branden went their separate ways…which caused a split in Objectivism…the Philosophy of Rational Selfishness. Now it seems most people completely misunderstand it. We must ask “What is Rational Selfishness and how do we successfully put this marvelous philosophy of life into action?”

The book How to Live the Rationally Selfish Life tells you exactly how to do that. It also explains how to avoid the pitfalls of irrational behavior…and how to protect your life, liberty and property from the anti-life philosophy of altruism.

The Rationally Selfish Individual…

Shuns and exposes the anti-life philosophy of Social Altruism because he knows of the catastrophic consequences it causes and will continue to cause.

If would like to find out the truth about Rational Selfishness…

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Sex, Love and Life – The Joy of Existence

Here’s a book that will delight Objectivists and non-Objectivists alike. Objectivists will love it because it’s written from the Individualistic point of view. Other men and women receive a stimulating philosophy of sex, love and life. Would you like to experience the joy of your existence to the max? Well…here’s a blueprint that shows you how to do just that.

You uncover the fact….Regardless of what some may believe, the roles of a man and a woman in the pleasure game are different. How a man gives and receives pleasure…and how a woman gives and receives pleasure during sex is fundamentally different. Understanding the difference could determine whether you experience the same old sex…or something completely rewarding…time after time.

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Defeat the Lies of the Anti-Drug Crusader

Note: As an Objectivist. I must state that the following is not an endorsement of drug use. Personally, I do not use them. However, I definitely support individual rights. 

It has been 28 years since I advertised the first edition of “Defeat the Lies of the Anti-Drug Crusader” under the title “How to Win the Drug War” in High Times, Liberty and other magazines. Even though at the time it wasn’t a smashing success, it was popular enough for lovers of individual freedom to use it in debates against the enemies of personal liberty and freedom. It had a positive effect on the readers who ordered it…and by friends of theirs who were given a copy. I received letters verifying this.

Although circumstances change with the passage of time, the laws of Human Action remain the same. They are eternal and unchanging. Because of this…much of the first 7 chapters of the new edition of “Defeat the Lies of the Anti-Drug Crusader” is unchanged; however, I added quite a bit of detail (9 more chapters) for your clarification and sent us time traveling into the future. In addition…Click Here to travel to the site.

8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions

8 Dynamic Weapons for Conquering Life’s Illusions is an unorthodox and startling approach to defending your well-being against irrational people and the politically correct attacks that place barriers between you and your goals and desires. The author dispenses with myths and illusions and gets down to realistic strategies (psychological weapons) that lead you to a life filled with more rewards and fewer complications. He levels irrational customs and politically correct nonsense and guides you on the most profitable journey of your life. You will discover an arsenal of psychological weapons that defend you against the irrational onslaughts of others…and empowers you to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Regardless of your situation in life, there is, above all, one reality you should face up to right now: The results a person obtains in life is inversely proportionate to the degree he allows…..

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7 Destructive Economic Illusions Conquered

As you read every word of this report you will become stunned at…how easy it is to discover freedom from the Elite’s economic illusions.

Have you noticed that…
As soon as someone mentions economics…most people envision being subjected to a dry, boring subject. You are probably thinking…economics is a bunch of boring BS, isn’t it?

Just suppose…
The enemies of individual liberty and freedom have transformed a way of life based on common sense and easily understood principles…into an esoteric hodge-podge of equations, graphs and charts.

I’m sure you realize that as long as people are in the dark, members of the Elite and their cronies can make any claim, regardless of proof. This way they can continue to victimize you without opposition.

Do you like members of the establishment hoodwinking you? The further on you read, you’ll begin to understand…

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7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions

Published in 2013, this powerful success manual has remained in the background…virtually unknown. After observing events… such as the controversial 2016 Presidential race…and the unsettling events happening in everyday life…we decided it was time to uncover the success manual 7 Powerful Steps for Conquering Life’s Illusions.

Certainly the thing we fear most has come upon us…in the form of  continuous economic problems. Years of government interventionism has created instability on the marketplace. Deficit spending, easy money policies that cause boom and bust cycles and foreign excursions…are straining the back of our economy.

In addition…we can add excessive taxation, crippling regulations on business, the drug war, war on poverty, welfare schemes, pyramid schemes, mass liberty violations etc. Piling massive bailouts on top of those beatings…threaten to permanently destroy the American Dream.

How do you feel about the destruction of the American Dream?

As you continue reading this report you find yourself…Click Conquering Life’s Illusions for a rewarding experience.