Universal Mind and the Law of Cause and Effect

Someone asked me if I believed the Universe delivered on your dreams and desires. That’s a question I need to answer, because if it does, we can possibly call Universal Mind the First Cause. Let’s get a definition from Wikipedia for clarity.

Universal Consciousness (redirected, here, as Universal Mind) is a concept that tries to address the underlying essence of all being and becoming in the universe.

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Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and Stock Market Shock Waves

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and the Stock Market all experienced shock waves at various times. The chart below demonstrates the bullish and bearish trends in gold. As I will explain, much of the volatility has to do with the paper market and the ridiculous notion of paper gold.

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Political Correctness Destroys Personal Liberty and Freedom

Make no mistake about it, progressives use political correctness as an intimation tactic to force you to abandon your personal liberty and freedom.

George Orwell imagined a future world where the totalitarian state greatly restricts speech. In his novel 1984, it created a language called “Newspeak”, which we also refer to as doublespeak. Here are some examples.

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New Revolutionary Me Too Movement

The Mainstream Press fuels the Me Too movement with daily stories about sexual assault and harassment, spreading mass hysteria. I will briefly cover that and then go to an area where citizens are raped and molested each day. I’m sure my analysis will amuse progressives and modern liberals.

According to Wikipedia, “Me Too“spread virally in October 2017 as a two-word hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. It followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

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Unhampered Capitalism: The Harmonious Social System of Voluntary Exchanges

Although unhampered capitalism reigns as the harmonious social system of voluntary exchanges…the enemies of personal liberty and economic freedom ferociously attack it. These violators of individual rights attempt to force their brand of socialism on defenseless men and women. The politically correct BS remains one of their favorite missiles of destruction. Fortunately, we still possess something of immense value, our intellectual weapons.

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New World Money – One World Government – Video

Here’s my first posting in almost 3 months New World Money – One World Government.

During this time, I set up another blog Robert Meyer – Copywriter & Research Specialist writing articles and offering my services.

I will do my best to keep this blog updated with new material.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                              Robert Meyer

P.S. I also go by RA Meyer. In case you’re interested the A stands for my middle name Alan.

Propaganda of the Anti-Drug Crusader

The Anti-Drug Crusader skillfully uses propaganda to obscure the truth. He will exaggerate, distort and even lie in an attempt to enforce his belief on others.

The history of the drug war tells us stories filled with vicious propaganda… engineered to direct ill feeling against drug suppliers and users. Often the motive behind the propaganda was an attempt to discriminate against certain groups of individuals known to have a high incidence of drug use. Professional groups also benefited from new laws regulating and outlawing drugs.

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